Thankful Thursday, cute things as of late, and oh, hey there June

So here we are, yet again, in a new month.  After traveling overseas for work all last week and getting back in to the swing of things this week, June is already flying by as well.  We were talking the other night about July 4th plans and I was initially like, “Why do we need to decide on that already?”  Umm, because it’s like 3 weeks away.  Gracious.

Little update on Asher Wade, who is quickly working his way through the 2’s.  At almost 26 months, he’s pretty comical, and inquisitive, and head strong, and really just all-around adorable.  He’s growing and changing so fast and each phase just gets better and better.  I actually had to take him to the pediatrician the other day for a strange looking rash (that has since cleared up), so we got a little weight check.  He’s hanging out right around 33.5 lbs, which isn’t very different from his 2 year check-up.  I think he’s, dare I say it, starting to lean out a little.  It looks like some of those rolls are becoming less obvious and his pot belly is less prominent.  His shorts have become a little loose around the waist.  He’s always been super active, but he’s even more so now, so maybe he’s burning more calories.  He loves sports (especially basketball right now), puzzles, books, Legos, cars, diggers, trucks, dinosaurs and horses.  He loves going to the pool and has no fear of the water at all.  He loves the park and again, has no fear and will climb the tallest towers and go down the biggest slides.  He’s started to play “pretend” and he will battle with his foam pirate sword and plastic dinosaurs, with sound effects and all.  He’s starting to use his imagination, which I love.  He loves to go through the drive-thru and get some sort of treat (milkshakes are his favorite).  He says the funniest things some times.  I try to write them down in my “Notes” section on my phone.  Here’s a few things I have added lately:

He’ll pump his fist/sword in the air and say “Letz Go!” since that’s what Jake (as in the Never Land Pirate) says.

“I want ‘dat!” (pointing at my boobs, when he wants to nurse…).

Another funny nursing anecdote…some times when he climbs in my lap before bed, he’ll lift my shirt and greet my boobs with “Oh, hey there.”  Needless to say, weaning is still a work in progress;)

“Bah-he-ball” (a/k/a basketball, which he wants to play all.the.time.)

If I pretend to still be sleeping in the wee hours of the morning when he joins us in bed, he gets eye to eye with me and just waits for me to open my eyes. Then as soon as I open my eye, a huge smile spreads across his face and he exclaims “Hi!” like he hasn’t seen me in forever.

He uses “No” and “Nope” depending on how strongly he feels about the question at hand…i.e. if we ask him if he’s hungry, he may respond with “No” but if we ask him if he’s ready for bed, he’ll respond with “Nope!”  It’s almost kind of sarcastic, which secretly makes me smile because I know where he gets that streak from.

No child on the face of the planet says “Amen” quite as strongly as my child.  As soon as we finish saying our bedtime prayers, he tilts his head back and belts out a huge “Ahhhhhh-MEN!”  I hope God appreciates the obvious effort.

Every time we take his picture, and he’s paying attention, he gives the goofiest smile, closes his eyes, and shouts “Cheeeeeeeese!”

“Wat dis?”  If I hear it once, I hear it one thousand forty seven times per day.

Besides being incredibly thankful for the little guy mentioned above, a few other things I’ve been thankful for lately….

* Long summer days.  Love how it’s staying lighter longer in the evenings.

* My Fitness Pal app.  After gaining a few (ok, more than a few) pounds over the last month or so, this app has been helping me track my calories and activity to hopefully get back to my comfortable weight.  It’s shocking how many calories I actually consume if I’m not mindful!

* Iced tea, especially as the days are getting hotter.

* Fresh haircut.  I needed one bad, and after finally making the time to get a trim yesterday, and a few high lights, I’m feeling 10x better about myself.  It’s the little things, right?

* My Kindle.  I’ve been reading books like crazy lately (partly because of the traveling) and I love the convenience of my Kindle.  Some good ones I’ve read recently are Big Little Lies, The Nightingale, All the Light We Cannot See, and Yellow Crocus.  Now if only I were sitting on a beach reading…

* My mom flying in tonight for a long weekend visit!  Yay yay yay!!

Cheers to the (almost) weekend y’all!:-)


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