A List

Uh.  So it’s August.  The seventh day of August at that, and I didn’t post one single thing in July, even though we had a lot going on.  I have quite a few things to catch up on, so I’m just going to fall to my standard procedure for when I’m way behind, and have a lot of things to cover…a list.  Sometimes when I just don’t know where to start on the ole’ blog, or how to start a post, or even how to cover over a month’s worth of updates, the handy list tactic is the way to go.  And that’s exactly what I am going to do…with some pictures thrown in for good measure, because let’s face it, my kid is freakin’ cute and he makes even the most boring list readable:-)

1. We went to NYC!  My company rang the closing bell at the NYSE in honor of our 10 year anniversary of going public and a group of us (and our spouses) were invited.  We spent three nights in one of my most favorite cities and had an amazing time.  It’s was Matt’s first time to the city and I think he loved it.  I tried to show him as much as we could fit in the three days we were there, and even though it was a whirlwind, we really did see a lot of the city…a lot of things and areas that I hadn’t even spent much time at.  Specifics: we stayed at, and loved, the Ritz Carlton at Battery Park; we ate dinner at, and loved, Chalk Pointe Kitchen, The Little Owl and Sushi Samba; we snacked and lunched at, and loved, Magnolia Bakery, Leo’s Bagels, Blossom Bakery, Le Pain Quotidien and some hole in the wall pizza place.  We ran the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, the East River and the Hudson River.  We visited the WTC and Memorial, Central Park, Times Square, the NYSE, Battery Park, the Highline, FAO Schwartz a couple days before its closing, and spent quite a bit of time in the West Village.

2. On a related note, the big stock market glitch happened the day we were there!  So besides the usual tourists hanging out in front of the NYSE, there were hundreds more, plus gobs of reporters.  As we were paraded in to the building by important looking NYSE officials, our photos were being snapped left and right.  I guess everyone thought we were super important, or that we were the ones responsible for the crash.  I mean, just look at this suspicious looking guy in the left screen shot;)


3. Also on a related note, we had quite possibly the best icecream I have ever had.  We waited in line for close to an hour because it’s just that good.  The name is pretty catchy too;)


4. We also spent one night in Nashville and had dinner with Uncle Logan and Ashley and walked Asher Wade along Broadway in downtown Nashville.  I wanted to take him to Tootsies, but supposedly it’s frowned upon to bring young kids to loud country bars.  Is it bad that it never once crossed my mind that this would not be a totally appropriate activity for my 2 year old?


5. We’ve been at the pool pretty much every weekend.  It’s our happy place.

IMG_8125 IMG_7906 IMG_7904 IMG_7909

6. We also have a pool in our driveway that Asher Wade may enjoy even more than the big pool.


7. We also have a streaker on our hands.


8. Matt took me to see Kip Moore and Dierks Bentley and it was an awesome concert!

IMG_7958 IMG_7964

9. We went to a little shindig downtown and took in some great views of this southern city we call home.  B’ham has my heart.

IMG_8001 IMG_8003

10. I got my hair cut.  It’s swingy and flippy (word?) and I’m liking it.


11. Asher Wade is OBSESSED with Miles from Tomorrowland on the Disney Channel.  Nanny sent him a little care package last week containing some Miles paraphernalia and you would have thought the child had died and gone to heaven.  Miles goes everywhere with us now.  Everywhere.


12. Matt had to go to a conference in Ft. Lauderdale last week (I know, poor thing, had to go stay in a beachfront condo for a few days), and I survived with Asher Wade on my own.  I didn’t sleep much at all because when I’m home alone I hear every single noise and generally sleep with one eye open.  We have an alarm system and a 100 lb. dog and a nightly neighborhood watch, but I’m still terrified.

13. We went to the zoo for the birthday party for a little friend and Asher Wade fed giraffes (his most favorite animal), rode the choo-choo train and the carousel and played in the splash pad.

IMG_8024 IMG_8022 IMG_8015 IMG_8020 IMG_8019

14. I’ve been doing this little at-home workout a few times per week in an effort to get back to strength training and it’s really one of the best full body workouts I’ve come across.  Gets your heart rate up and covers the major muscle groups, and doesn’t take long to do.


15. Asher Wade spends most of his weekdays surrounded by girls and it’s starting to wear off.  He’s particularly fond of playing dress-up with my shoes and sports bras.


16. He also turned 12 overnight…


17. Work has been insane.  We have so much going on, which is of course a good thing, but an exhausting thing.  I’ve learned more in the past month than I learned in all of law school.  Maybe even all of undergrad and law school.  Moral of the story: School is a waste.  On the job experience is where it’s at.  And wine.  And hot yoga.  On the job experience, wine and hot yoga are where it’s at.

18. We attended a wedding of some sweet friends.  We were so pumped about this night out and had full intentions of enjoying some late night revelry, but then our kid got a staple stuck in his foot and we were summoned home to a hysterical toddler at 8:30 (he’s fine).  So yeah, that was that.  The woes and throes of parenthood.  We looked good though:-)

IMG_8072 IMG_8076

That’s all for now!  Hoping August slows down a little…


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