Our first weeks in Chattanooga!

So we have been in Chattanooga for almost three weeks now and we have certainly made ourselves at home.  I’m actually really surprised at how quickly I am falling in love with this city, and how easy the adjustment has been for all of us.  Although I do get waves of homesickness every now and then, for the most part I feel really happy and content and excited about this new adventure.  Things have been falling into place and we are getting acclimated and learning our way around.  I’m not gonna lie – the first few days were hard.  There were a couple of nights where I was feeling pretty blue.  I was missing our friends, missing our home, missing the comfort and security that was Birmingham.  I definitely had a few “poor little ole me” moments.  Then things started to get more settled.  I unpacked the few suitcases we brought, got our little corporate apartment situated, explored our new city, found a Target and a Whole Foods and a good ice cream shop.  You know…the important things;)  We got outside and enjoyed the AMAZING weather and the gorgeous scenery (seriously – they don’t call it the “Scenic City” for nothing), explored the downtown shops and restaurants, walked along the river and played at the various parks.  I’ve since realized that Chattanooga is a wonderful, family-friendly city and we are fortunate to have this opportunity.

Like I’ve mentioned, until our home sells in Birmingham, and we find a new home here, we are staying in one of my company’s apartments, right in the heart of downtown, next to the river, so it’s been so fun to experience downtown living and be able to walk everywhere.  My office is literally across the street, Matt’s is a few blocks away, and Asher Wade’s daycare is a couple blocks from Matt’s work.  Not to mention that we have tons of restaurants, museums, parks, shops, running trails and outdoor activities right outside our door.  We’ve become pretty spoiled and as nice as it will be to find a home, this convenience and experience has been awesome.  We’ll probably never do the downtown lifestyle again, so it’s cool we had this chance to experience it.  I had to drive a couple of times this week and it was seriously so weird.  I hadn’t driven a car in over a week!  There’s just not much of a need to.  When we get home in the afternoons we usually pop AW in the stroller and head out to dinner or just walk along the river, watching the boats come and go.  AW loves it, especially since we usually walk by our favorite ice cream shop:-)

Here are some pictures from our first couple of weeks…

IMG_8822 IMG_8818 IMG_8823 IMG_8824 IMG_8828 IMG_8829 IMG_8838 IMG_8848 IMG_8857 IMG_8860 IMG_8841 IMG_8975 IMG_8954 IMG_8956 IMG_8963 IMG_8951 IMG_8944 IMG_8953 IMG_8972 IMG_8971 IMG_8980 IMG_8978 IMG_8929 IMG_8926 IMG_8924 IMG_8920 IMG_8932 IMG_8916 IMG_8903 IMG_8913 IMG_8937 IMG_8876 IMG_8853 IMG_8872 IMG_8868


IMG_8879 IMG_8877

(These last two pics are actually from a quick weekend trip to KY to visit family)


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