Fall Fun {Take 1}

Like every other person in the blog world, I am kind of obsessed with all things fall.  Candy corn, pumpkin anything, flannels, leggings, Uggs, cool, crisp, weather….I live for it all.  Drop me in a pumpkin patch with my precious family, and I’m pretty much in heaven.  Then stick a pumpkin spice latte in my hand….oh man.  It’s all just too much.  Favorite time of the year hands down.  Everyone teases me and my tendency to pack our October weekends with fall-esque activities, especially Matt, but he’s a good sport and goes with the flow, and drives us from one activity to another.  {Thanks Matt!}

Chattanooga has no shortage of family fun.  The city had already won my heart over, but it’s been killing it with the fall and Halloween activities and events.  It doesn’t hurt that the scenery is just amazing with the vibrant, changing leaves, the mountains and the river.  Such a beautiful city.  This past weekend we took plenty of walks along the river, Matt and I had our very first Chattanooga date night and took a sunset cruise on the riverboat, and Sunday we all visited Greenway Farms and then checked out Blowing Springs Farm for their corn maze and pumpkin patch.  Everywhere was beautiful and we had a great time.  I heart you Chattanooga!

IMG_9145 IMG_9144 IMG_9136 IMG_9138 IMG_9133 IMG_9156 IMG_9152

IMG_9187 IMG_9171 IMG_9165 IMG_9169 IMG_9162 IMG_9186 IMG_9182 IMG_9184 IMG_9198 IMG_9204 IMG_9205 IMG_9211 IMG_9208 IMG_9218 IMG_9189

IMG_9221 IMG_9222 IMG_9219 IMG_9223 IMG_9224 IMG_9247 IMG_9241 IMG_9239 IMG_9238 IMG_9228 IMG_9232 IMG_9227 IMG_9250 IMG_9225 IMG_9235 IMG_9236 IMG_9252 IMG_9333 IMG_9334 IMG_9335 IMG_9332 IMG_9331 IMG_9253 IMG_9254 IMG_9256 IMG_9264 IMG_9326 IMG_9261 IMG_9265 IMG_9266 IMG_9272 IMG_9277 IMG_9276 IMG_9273 IMG_9274 IMG_9281 IMG_9279 IMG_9287 IMG_9288 IMG_9292 IMG_9327 IMG_9314 IMG_9315 IMG_9316 IMG_9317 IMG_9318 IMG_9328 IMG_9329 IMG_9302 IMG_9297 IMG_9336


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