Asher Wade at 2.5 Years

Since Asher Wade turned 2.5 years old last month, I thought it would be a good opportunity for a little update, and so I can document some things before I forget.  Seeing as how I can hardly remember what I did yesterday, I know these days will be long forgotten to me down the line.  I can’t believe I haven’t done an update since his 2-year one…yikes!  As I always say about blogging, I am so happy I will have a lot of these memories written down, when I actually remember to do them;)  I often wonder if Asher Wade will enjoy reading my blog someday…going back and reading all the things I have written about him.  Then again, for all I know the computer and Internet may not even be a “thing” a few years from now.

Anyways, some things to note:

  • We had an appointment a few weeks ago with our new pediatrician so we got an official weight/height check.  He clocked in at 38 inches tall and 37.4 lbs – in the 90-95th percentile.  Still has a stocky linebacker build.  He’s freakishly strong too.  He’s wearing size 3T for the most part (4T in pajamas and some shirts), size 8.5/9 in shoes and size 6 diapers (which are pretty snug).  Healthy as can be and I am SO THANKFUL for that.  He’s had one little cold so far this season, and I hope he doesn’t catch much more than that throughout the winter.  He did get a flu “mist” vaccination this year (I have always gotten one and it used to just pass through the breastmilk, so this is the first time he had to get his own).  Otherwise no vaccinations until shortly before he starts kindergarten.
  • He is pretty go-with-the-flow and adjusts incredibly well to new situations.  It really kind of amazes us.  I mean, we are constantly on the go, we travel a lot, we’ve moved several times, including this somewhat big move to Chattanooga, he’s switched daycares a few times, including this latest one, he sleeps in different beds, doesn’t always have a consistent routine, yet he’s always happy and go with the flow.  Given our lifestyle, we lucked out with this kid’s adaptability.  He does prefer to be with us, but he warms up to other people pretty fast.  Sometimes he will immediately take to a new person and act like he’s known them forever.  I adore his friendly spirit.  He loves people!
  • Still all boy!  He’s crazy active and never seems to run out of energy.  Like, ever.  The child never walks anywhere either…it’s a full out run.  He climbs and jumps and scares me to death on a regular basis.  No fear at all.
  • He loves being outside, playgrounds, going for walks/runs across the bridge or at any sort of park, watching the boats go by, firetrucks, diggers, buses, dumptrucks, helicopters, airplanes, football, soccer, basketball, or basically any sort of ball, Legos, little cars, books with colorful pictures, puzzles, ANYTHING Paw Patrol, P.J. Masks and Mickey Mouse.  He was really into pumpkins and Halloween a couple weeks ago and now he’s getting into Christmas trees and lights and Santa.  He loves those “seek and find” books where you have to find certain items, kind of like “Where’s Waldo.”  He loves to race, and it’s the cutest thing ever when he says “Ready, set go!”  He’s also into hiding right now…closets, cabinets, behind drapes, under beds, and we recently bought him this little play tent that he loves.  He plays make-believe a lot and it makes me smile to watch his imagination work.  The other day he was intently “working” on his tricycle, talking to himself and pretending to fix it.  Still loves animals too and wants to meet every single dog we come across.  Petting zoos are like Disney World to him.
  • He’s still a good sleeper.  Goes down around 8 and gets up around 7.  We transitioned him to a regular bed a couple months ago and it was a piece of cake.  Until just a few days ago he didn’t seem to think he could get out, or was allowed to get out, and would call for us in the morning.  The past two mornings he’s come into our room though.  He likes to have several stuffed animals in there with him and he always has to bring a toy car or Paw Patrol toy to bed with him.  We say our prayers and read a book and he goes down pretty easy.  He loves his bed and his sleep.  Still taking a 1-2 hour nap in the afternoon.
  • Speech is slowly, but surely getting better.  Like I’ve mentioned before, it really seems to be more of an articulation thing.  He “talks” all the time so the expressive language aspect is not an issue, but not everything is understandable, especially to other people.  He says new words everyday and is putting short sentences together, but it’s not always clear and he often makes up his words for things, which is actually kind of cute.  He calls the river, the “pool” and he also refers to boats as “pools.”  No clue why.  He calls a cow a “moo-moo” a dog is a “woof-woof” and a duck is a “quack-quack.”  So he makes up his own word, but it’s usually something related.  He refuses to use the correct word though, even though we know he can.  I chalk a lot of this up to him being a typical stubborn 2-year old.  Still though, I think being able to communicate better will cut down on the (very annoying) whining.  Drives me bonkers!
  • We had been in a ridiculous picky eating stage, but it has gotten better since starting daycare.  Like, he used to eat maybe 5 things total throughout the day, mainly consisting of string cheese, pretzels, yogurt, bread and milk, but he’s eating more of a variety now since they serve so many different things at school.  Plus I think he sees the other kids eating.  However, when he’s with us, he often refuses to try anything that we put in front of him if it’s not bread or cheese.  Won’t even attempt a bite.  The other night he was having a fit because he wanted pretzels for dinner.  We tried negotiating and said if he ate four bites of his dinner, he could have some pretzels.  He carefully and methodically ate four peas, one at a time, and then declared that he was all done and wanted his pretzels as promised.  Such a clever little stinker.  I try not to worry about his lack of eating, but it really kind of stresses me out.  The child does love ice cream like his mama (vanilla with M&M’s is his favorite).  He mainly drinks 2% milk (or “moo-moo”) and water, and gets apple juice or orange juice as a treat every now and then.  Chocolate milk is a special treat that he loves too.
  • He has officially weaned from nursing!  It happened completely naturally and was easy on both of us, which is exactly what I wanted.  He hasn’t nursed in almost 2 months now, so I’d say it’s official:-)  He just gradually started cutting down, stopped asking, and I didn’t offer.  He was down to a few times a week, mainly just if he got hurt or was having a hard time settling down at bedtime, and then I started distracting him with other things and then suddenly it had been a week, and then two, and then three.  He hasn’t mentioned it until all of a sudden one day last week he tried to, lol.  I was like, ummm, no sir, nothing there, and he just laughed and said ok.
  • Potty training is somewhat on the horizon, but going very slowly, which suits me just fine because to be completely honest, I’m just not ready to deal with it 24/7.  He goes sporadically while at daycare, so they are obviously working with him, which I guess means we need to get on board.  He does let us know when he’s gone in his diaper, and wanting us to change it.  It used to be that he would be perfectly content walking around with a soiled diaper, but now he wants it off as soon as it fills up.  Not a ton of interest though, and he doesn’t seem to consistently recognize the “need to go” sensation, so we aren’t pushing it yet.
  • He LOVES his new daycare.  It took a few weeks, but now according to Matt, he is so excited each morning, runs right in and hugs his teacher and makes sure that everyone knows he has arrived.  He’s usually in a great mood when we pick him up and is excited to show off his artwork and talk about what he played with and did all day.
  • He’s so sweet and loving!  Gives the best hugs and kisses and will pretty much melt your heart.  He’s super outgoing and animated and gets excited about everything.  He’s very sensitive and empathetic as well.  He knows when I’m upset with him and can’t stand it.  As soon as he disobeys or makes me mad, he’s crying,  giving me a hug and saying sorry.  He can’t stand for anyone to be mad at him.  He’s also very quick to say if someone is being mean to him, and he makes this accusation even if unwarranted – like if Matt gets on to him for disobeying, he’ll run to me and say “Daddy being mean to me! (sniffle, sniffle)” even though I heard the whole (not mean) conversation.  The other night he also accused Matt of pinching him, lol!

I feel like I say this all the time, but I LOVE this stage!  He’s just so much fun and always has us cracking up.  It’s so hard to imagine our lives before him.  We are definitely the 3 Musketeers:-)


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