Thanksgiving et al.

{Y’all, I cannot believe it’s December 1st! I mean, where are these days going to?!}

At first thought I want to say that we had a very uneventful Thanksgiving, and while it was certainly not very exciting, nor one of my favorites, it would be untrue to say it was uneventful. We had a lot going on to say the least. I was actually pretty sick for most of the break, which was no fun, but as many of you know, moms can’t take sick days;) Monday night we drove to Birmingham because Tuesday and Wednesday were packing/moving day! Yes, we are officially moved out of our Birmingham house (and in to storage…wah wah wah) and as of yesterday, WE CLOSED!! Thank you Lord! It is a huge weight off our shoulders to have that last string tied up and now we can really focus on finding a home in Chattanooga. I’m still in shock at how fast it all happened, and as much as I loved our Birmingham home, I’m glad that we no longer have that added responsibility. We have our eyes on a home in Chattanooga and are really close to making an offer, so wish us luck on that.

Like I mentioned, during all this moving craziness I was under the weather with a nasty chest cold. Asher Wade brought home some kind of funk from school and it nearly knocked me on my rear. Thankfully I had already ordered a pre-cooked Thanksgiving meal from Whole Foods, knowing we would be coming back from Birmingham that day, and Matt was able to handle all the heating up and preparations. I honestly don’t think I would have been able to cook a Thanksgiving meal, so this was a blessing in disguise. So we spent a very quiet Thanksgiving in our little apartment, just the three of us. It was actually really nice and just what we needed after a crazy couple of days. Friday I was feeling a little better and we looked at some houses with our realtor and then Friday night we walked down to the river for the annual boat lighting and parade. They also have an ice skating rink set up down there, pretty light displays, live music and several food trucks, so it’s a really fun and festive atmosphere right now. Saturday morning we went to a “Breakfast with Santa” event, which Asher Wade LOVED, and then Saturday night we picked out our Christmas tree and got it decorated. Sunday was church, errands and then some much needed rest and movie watching on the couch.

So yeah, it was actually a pretty hectic Thanksgiving holiday. Had I not been under the weather we probably would have done even more, but Matt pretty much forced me to scale it back a little. I’m definitely one of those that does not know the meaning of “slow down” whether I’m sick or healthy, and I would have likely overdone it had Matt not laid down the law. Still though, we had a lot of quality family time and of all the things to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving holiday, I am most thankful for my little family that I love and cherish so much. I hope everyone else had a blessed holiday with those you love.


Moving day!


Asher Wade wearing his finest attire to our makeshift dining table and Matt handling things in the kitchen


LOL! It’s a little pitiful looking, but it was good! Matt picked up this festive plant as well:)

The last of our pretty fall leaves...

The last of our pretty fall leaves…



Waiting on the parade to start

Waiting on the parade to start

IMG_9786 IMG_9794 IMG_9800 IMG_9802 IMG_9804 IMG_9809

IMG_9813 IMG_9822 IMG_9817 IMG_9827 IMG_9816 IMG_9856 IMG_9860 IMG_9857 IMG_9894 IMG_9854 IMG_9875 IMG_9877 IMG_9883 IMG_9892 IMG_9901 IMG_9900 IMG_9906


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