Christmas time is here….

Lots of Christmas festivities up in here lately! I worry that I wear my poor family out with the endless Christmas activities I line up for us, but it’s just so hard not to get out and enjoy this wonderful season. I live for all this stuff! Besides, Asher Wade definitely appears to be taking after his mom’s affinity for all things Christmas, and thankfully Matt is a good sport and goes along with whatever we want to do and enjoys it.

I thought it would be a little harder to get in the Christmas spirit this year since we aren’t in our own home, and just about all of our Christmas decorations are packed away in storage, but I have to say that it hasn’t put a damper on the holiday for us. Don’t get me wrong, I missed decorating the house in reds and greens and golds, but we have a tree and some little items here and there. More importantly, we’ve been out and about spending time together as a family, doing all sorts of fun Christmas things in our new town. Chattanooga has not disappointed as far as the Christmas lights and festivities go. My mom was in town the weekend before last and we enjoyed taking her all around to our favorite spots. I think she was pretty impressed with this city and how much there is to do, especially for families.

We actually went back to Birmingham this past weekend for a few days. We want to start a tradition of taking a pre-Christmas mini trip each year and decided to just keep it simple this year and make the quick 2-hour trip to our old stomping grounds. I had bought tickets for the North Pole Express back in the summer (they sell out like hotcakes every year), so we already knew we’d be heading to Birmingham for that anyways. It turned out that I had a conference to attend on Friday, so it worked out perfectly to spend a long weekend in the Ham. The conference was at the Wynfrey, so we just booked a room there. We got in Thursday evening and stayed till Sunday. If you’re not familiar with Birmingham, the Wynfrey is actually connected to the Galleria (a huge mall), so it was a great location. I rather enjoyed walking down from our room right into the mall;) The decorations were beautiful, and of course AW was pretty excited to see “mall” Santa every time we headed down. There’s also a carousel in the center of the mall that he loves. We did some Christmas shopping, had dinner with our sweet friends, Will and Cassie, on Friday night (who are about to welcome a baby boy this week!!), had breakfast with Santa at Whole Foods Saturday morning (an unexpected treat), did the North Pole Express Saturday night, and then headed home on Sunday morning after breakfast. Asher Wade LOVES hotels, so he was in heaven the whole time. Late bedtimes and early wake times all around (zzzzzzz….), but it’s worth it to see the excitement on his face.

Now I just have to get through this week at work, and a couple days next week, and then I have a nice break.  Looking forward to spending more time with my family and enjoying more festivities.  Gotta finish that Christmas shopping too, although I have to admit that I did A LOT of online shopping this time.  Can’t beat Amazon Prime.  Oh, and still on track to close on the new house at the end of the month too…WOO HOO!!!

Ok I am off to watch the season finale of The Voice! As I say every season, this one of my favorite shows, and it’s been especially good this season. Who is everyone rooting for? I honestly like all of the final four, but I have to go with Jordan. He’s just amazing and seems like such a humble, sweet soul.

A few pictures from the past weekend…

IMG_9975-0 IMG_9944-0 IMG_9981 IMG_9979-0 IMG_0002 IMG_9992 IMG_0010 IMG_0008 IMG_0013 IMG_0039 IMG_0035 IMG_0016 IMG_0018 IMG_0024 IMG_0034 IMG_0042 IMG_0048 IMG_0052 IMG_0054

Asher Wade got to spend the day at Ms. Judy's with Lilia and Tinsley. She sent me this pic...adore those three:0

Asher Wade got to spend the day at Ms. Judy’s with Lilia and Tinsley. She sent me this pic…adore those three:0


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