Christmas Wish List

Anyone still in need of some Christmas gifts for the ladies in their life?  I had quite a few specific things on my list this year.  Normally I just tell everyone to wing it because I honestly think I am pretty easy to shop for.  Or I just ask for giftcards.  However, this year I had certain things on my wish list, and I wasn’t afraid to share them when asked;)  I think these are all gifts that most women would like, even if they don’t realize it, or wouldn’t think to ask for it.  So maybe this will provide some inspiration for all those last minute shoppers…

* Anthropologie “Mermaid Hair” shampoo and conditioner.  This has been all the rage on a few blogs I follow, and after giving it a whiff at our local Anthropologie, it quickly made its way to my list.  I’m not normally one to buy pricey hair products (I actually use Suave), but I’d like to try this set out.

* UGG slippers.  These have been on my wish list for a few years now, but I never wanted to pull the trigger on “fancy” slippers.  However, seeing as how I literally live in slippers when I’m home, it would be nice to have a good, sturdy pair.

* Mason Pearson brush.  Again, something out of the ordinary for me, and I’ve certainly never owned a fancy brush, but I hear good things about this one.  Considering I’ve had my brushes since like 1989, it’s time for a grown-up upgrade. A (much) cheaper version that I’ve heard to be a good knockoff (and made of synthetic boar bristles, which I would be more comfortable using anyways) is this one from trusty Target.

* “Beachwaver” curling iron by Sarah Potempa.  Not sure what’s up with me and all the interest in hair products this year considering that I am totally hair challenged, but this seems easy to use, and I would like to jazz things up in the hair department every now and then.

* French Kids Eat Everything.  Because, toddlers.

* Nest candles. My favorite brand of candles, especially the “Birchwood Pine,” “Woodland Truffle” and “Hearth” scents.  Perfect for this time of year.

* Waffle iron.  Like one of those heavy duty ones you see at hotel breakfast buffets so the waffle cooks evenly and comes out nice and thick and fluffy.  We like waffles in our house and this bad boy would help us up our waffle game.

* Meal planner notepad.  So I can plan out all our waffle meals.

* Pretty apron.  So I can look cute while making waffles.

(I promise the rest of this list does not revolve around waffles)

* Fitbit Charge HR.  I love my original Fitbit Flex, but it’s time for an upgrade, and I really want something that tracks my heart rate and calories burned.  I feel like this will enhance my workouts and help me to stay in the zone.

* Small wallet.  Matt got me a beautiful new cross body purse for my birthday (which I opened a little early…), but now my huge wallet doesn’t fit in it.  Plus my huge wallet is old and a little ragged looking.  Again, it’s time for an upgrade.

* Cards Against Humanity.  I could see Matt and I having some fun with this card game after AW is down for the night.  Plus, maybe when we move in to the new house and meet some neighbors, we can start having an adult game night…

* Anything from Lululemon.  It’s the easiest go-to gift for me.

* A fun, colorful coat.  I have several basic colored coats, but it would be fun to have something a little different.  Plus, the price on this one is totally on point.

* Alex and Ani bracelets.  I love how they each have a special meaning, and I love how they are stackable.

* Concert tickets.  In particular I’d love tickets to the Bayou Country Superfest in Baton Rouge, and Adele.  Bonus points if the Adele tickets involve a road trip to a fun city.

* Ice cream maker.  Because I need other reasons to wear my apron.

Happy Shopping!

UPDATE – Don’t even bother trying to buy Adele tickets.  Ain’t gonna happen.




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