weekend Christmas fun

We are still enjoying the Christmas festivities in full force around here. Poor Matt asked if we could “take it easy” this past weekend, hehe. I think his Christmas crazed wife has been wearing him out. We did get out and do a few things, but we also spent a good amount of time around the casa. This was a good opportunity to wrap some presents, watch Christmas movies and make a few batches of Christmas cookies. It was pretty nippy this weekend, and if we just had a fireplace in our apartment, I would have been a happy elf. We stayed warm and cozy though. I’m under the weather, AGAIN, with some congestion and cold nonsense, so it was probably a good idea to lay low anyways. I swear Asher Wade continues to bring home these nasty bugs from daycare. After being in a homecare setting for so long, our immune systems are just not used to this. Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to get it as bad as Matt and me. There’s nothing worse than a sick kid at Christmas, so I’m hoping whatever kind of funk this is, it leaves AW alone. Anyways, I’m just hoping that I feel better by the 24th. I’ve been drinking apple cider vinegar and press pressed juices, taking elderberry syrup, extra vitamin C and Echinacea to no avail. I broke down and started taking some Mucinex the other day. Surely this concoction has to work.

After church on Sunday we ran by the mall to pick up some last minute gifts and decided to let Asher Wade have his first Build a Bear experience. He loved it! They had a Chase dog from Paw Patrol (his obsession right now) and was beyond excited about that. I was not too excited when I got to the register to pay for it (darn all those individually priced accessories), but seeing his shear joy totally made it worthwhile. I swear he loves that thing more than any toy he’s ever had. Has been carrying it everywhere, saying “I love you, Chase.” So sweet. Good thing Santa is bringing plenty of Paw Patrol paraphernalia;)

img_0086 img_0127 img_0093 img_0126 img_0090 img_0099 img_0110 img_0102-1 img_0109

One morning Matt and I fixed a “snowman breakfast.” I came across this on Pinterest (duh) and for once my Pinterest project actually came out looking like….wait for it…the picture on Pinterest! It was a Christmas miracle. #pinterestfail is one of my most used hash tags, so I was pretty happy that this came out looking decent. Can we just talk about these mini powdered sugar doughnuts for a minute? I haven’t had those since I was like 9, but they were as good as I remember. This breakfast is total sugar overkill, but once a year won’t kill you.

img_0077 img_0076

Christmas cookie-making is a little different when a toddler is involved. We’ll just say that our cookies will not be appearing in Martha Stewart’s magazine anytime soon;) AW loved it though, especially eating the icing, candies and sprinkles during the process. Not only did he eat the icing straight from the tube, but as soon as we would get a cookie decorated, he’d start licking the decorations right off it. Needless to say, we will not be sharing these cookies with anyone.

img_0125-1 img_0118 img_0116 img_0122

Today is actually my birthday!  34…yikes!  We had a sitter Saturday night, so Matt and I celebrated “grown-up” style.  We checked out a highly recommended restaurant here in downtown Chattanooga and it was fabulous.  I’m glad we had an early celebration, because I’m not feeling up to doing much tonight.  Take-out dinner, boxed wine, cupcakes and a Christmas movie on the couch is sounding pretty good and is probably the direction the evening will go.  If a certain 2.5 year old would stay in his bed all night so I can get a full 8 hours of sleep, it will pretty much be the best birthday ever. Fingers crossed!


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