Another Christmas has come and gone. I feel like this whole month has been a blur, and Christmas was no exception. Since we weren’t able to host this year (hello tiny apartment), we traveled to Kentucky and spent the holiday with the McWilliams side of the family. It was a great trip and we had lots of family time. Asher Wade LOVES his cousins and had a total ball playing with them. Christmas Eve we celebrated with extended family. Lots of yummy food, cocktails and rowdy kiddos, and of course, great company and lots of laughs. We spent Christmas Day at Matt’s parents house. Santa was extra special generous this year and I got many of the items off my wish list, plus a few surprises. I guess I must have been a really good girl this year! We (Santa) got AW a red balance bike, soccer goal and soccer ball, toddler sized stuffed dinosaur, Imaginex castle, Duplo Legos, rain boots, and more Paw Patrol and Spiderman stuff than he knows what to do with. He also received tons of other gifts from the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Spoiled little booger he is. After an exciting morning opening gifts from Santa and enjoying cinnamon roll casserole, Aunt Jen and the crew came over, which meant more cousin time! We had a wonderful Christmas dinner and then spent the evening opening more gifts and being entertained by the boys. Unfortunately, I spent Saturday morning at the urgent care clinic. I’ve been battling the crud basically since October and finally waved the white flag of surrender and went to see a doctor. Still not feeling great, but hopefully I’m on the mend. I basically laid on the couch all of Saturday while everyone else went to Jen and Patrick’s. As much as I hated to miss out, I seriously needed that rest, and peace and quiet. Sunday morning we made the drive back to Chattanooga and Monday I was back to work. Whew. It was a busy few days, but a very merry Christmas with family.

img_0166 img_0158 img_0147 img_0148 img_0203 img_0206 img_0201 img_0196 img_0197 img_0202 img_0186 img_0190 img_0193 img_0169 img_0213-1 img_0223 img_0241 img_0239 img_0236 img_0233 img_0248 img_0253 img_0246 img_0245 img_0272 img_0263 img_0274 img_0276 img_0277 img_0282 img_0286 img_0305 img_0309 img_0315 img_0306 img_0314 img_0320 img_0322 img_0299 img_0295 img_0825 img_0824 img_0139 img_0142

Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas! On another note, I’m usually super blue those first few weeks after Christmas, but not so much this year since we are moving in to our new house this coming weekend (assuming we close as planned on Wednesday…fingers crossed that no hiccups come up!). We also have a long weekend in Sarasota planned over the MLK holiday. AW is staying with my parents and Matt and I are shacking up at a resort for a few days to celebrate our anniversary. So January definitely has some bright spots:-)


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