That one time I had more than a hot minute to write a post

Hey there!  Remember me?  The girl that used to post fun and exciting (or obnoxious and boring, depending on the kind of day you’re having) things about her life on a pretty regular basis?  Yeah, she’s still here, and she still has lots of fun and exciting (or obnoxious and boring, depending on the kind of day I’m having) things going on, but for some reason they haven’t been making it to the ole’ blog.  I’m not really sure why.  I’ve noticed I haven’t been taking near the number of pictures I usually take either.  And to be honest, I’m much more disconnected from social media than I used to be.  I scroll through Facebook and Instagram once or twice a day and I catch up on my favorite blogs once a week or so, if that.  Again, not really sure why…it just kind of happened.  I’d like to say it was part of some “live for the moment” or “iPhone detachment” movement, or something equally hippie minded, but it’s not.  It just happened.  Maybe it will change now though.  Maybe getting back to writing myself will lead me back to some aspects of social media.  I do enjoy it, and while it’s certainly not good to be overly connected, it certainly is fun to keep in touch with family and friends, and other random strangers that I simply like to blog-stalk because I think they are way cooler than I am.

Anyways, I digress.

So what’s been going on?  Well, we are all settled in our new home, and boy am I enjoying having a NEW home.  It smells new and everything.  I’ve come to realize the one bad thing about having a new home is that when things become not-so-new, it’s very upsetting.  Like, I want everything to remain perfect and untouched, which is obviously completely ridiculous given I have a small child and pets (and a husband…), and then when something gets messed up or breaks, my OCD goes from 0 to 180.  For example, I’ve had this large, heavy wedding picture since we got married (duh) and it has been moved around and moved and re-hung more times than I can count with no issue.  I go to hang it in our bedroom, maybe three days after we moved in, and then I walk out of the room after hanging it, hear a huge crash, walk back into the room, and see that the mounting hardware on the frame broke and the picture crashed down, SLIDING DOWN THE FRESHLY PAINTED WALLS AND BUSTING UP OUR PERFECT BRAND NEW BASEBOARDS before hitting the ground.  So now we have busted up baseboards in our master bedroom.  Then Asher Wade took his huge dump truck for a spin on the hardwood floors upstairs (even after we told him 1,245 times to keep it on the carpet in his playroom), leaving some lovely scratches in its wake.  Then Maddux decided that sleet was a good enough reason as any to avoid staying outside for the 5 minutes it takes him to do his business (as in, #2), so he just let it go on our new area rug.  Obviously the cold does bother him anyways.  So, brand new homes have one big drawback…they do not stay brand new.  All that being said, we love this house.  It’s so perfect for us.  We are basically unpacked and decorated, minus I’m still trying to get the closets situated (closet space is scarce, but this is always a problem given my shopping tendencies), and we have a few pictures that still need to be hung (or repaired…), and some shelving to be installed in the mudroom/office.  We just had a fence put up in the backyard and patio furniture has been ordered along with a new grill.  I CANNOT wait for the weather to warm up so we can start spending time in the yard and outdoor area.  The neighborhood pool is literally right on the other side of our fence, and that is going to be awesome come summertime.  I see lots of days and evenings spent out there.  It was really one of the main selling points of this house.

What else?  Matt and I celebrated 9 years of marriage last month, which is hard to believe.  It fell on a Tuesday, and we didn’t have a babysitter for that night, but we did meet up for lunch that day.  He had some beautiful flowers delivered to me at work, which is always such a nice surprise.  We laughed about how much has happened over those 9 years.  It’s crazy to think that someday we will be looking back on 50 years, and all the things that will have happened.  I’m just thankful to being doing life with him.

  Oh, we got a kitten!  We adopted sweet Annie almost a month ago and she’s already grown so much, so I’m not sure she’s really a kitten anymore.  I’ve had a kitten on my mind for awhile, really since we lost Riley, and now that we are finally settled, we decided it was a good time to add four more paws to our family.  She and her littermates were found dumped behind a K-Mart, in a box, with no mama and no food.  Their eyes weren’t even open yet.  (Seriously, what’s wrong with people?!)  Thankfully a good Samaritan found them and brought them to a local shelter where they were bottled fed and nursed back to health.  Annie has been such a great kitten and she has the most friendly, loving personality.  She loves to be around us all the time and she’s incredibly patient with #toddlerAW who just loves to hug on and carry her around.  He adores “Eenie the Catty” a/k/a “Annie the Kitty” and she seems to love him too.  He has such a heart for animals, which makes mama’s heart so happy.  I think we still want to get another dog down the line, but will probably give it another year before making that commitment.  Maddux and Annie are enough at the moment.

This pic cracks me up...Asher Wade giving poor Annie the chokehold.

This pic cracks me up…Asher Wade giving poor Annie the chokehold.



img_0509 img_0412 img_0562

Valentine’s weekend was great.  Matt and I were able to have a night out on Saturday, just the two of us (thankfully we have found a great babysitter in our area).  We had an amazing dinner of oysters, lobster risotto, steak (for Matt, obviously) and wine at a new restaurant downtown called Stir, and then we topped it off across the street at the Hot Chocolatier with the most decadent cups of gourmet hot chocolate I’ve ever had, and equally decadent slices of cake.  We rarely splurge like this, and it was totally worth every calorie.  Sunday morning I made a Valentine’s themed breakfast for my two guys and Asher Wade enjoyed his bag of goodies.  It was a perfect combination for the holiday – a night out with my main guy, and a morning in with our little guy.  Matt’s parents came in for a visit later that afternoon – a pit stop on their way home from the beach – and it was nice to visit with them.

img_0566 img_0597 img_0573 img_0575 img_0596 img_0578 img_0577 img_0586

Other than that, we are continuing to explore Chattanooga.  It’s been pretty cold, which makes me want to go in to hibernation mode, but we’ve had some gorgeous days where we’ve gotten out.  Not gonna lie, I’m big time itching for spring to get here.  I’m usually like this by the middle of February.  I love the change of seasons, but really just the changing part.  The staying part I don’t so much enjoy.  I feel the same way around the middle of July.  If I had my way we would just alternate between fall and spring all year longJ  I’d love to get away for a short beach trip this month, but it’s a busy time at work, so time-off really isn’t feasible until April…which works out because we booked a Disney Cruise for Asher Wade’s 3rd birthday!!  I seriously cannot wait.  I’m taking 11 days off, which I don’t think I’ve done since our honeymoon, and it’s going to be fabulous.  We are spending a few days in Sarasota, the cruise is 5 days, and then a couple days at Disney World before coming home.  April can’t get here fast enough!  If anyone has done this cruise before, please feel free to hit me up with tips and tricks.  I’m normally not a fan of cruises, but I’ve heard this is unlike your usual cruise, so we shall see.  I know one thing is for sure…my Disney obsessed child will probably lose his mind from excitement.


img_0524 img_0527 img_0532 img_0526 img_0380 img_0400 img_0374


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