Friday’s Faves

* My new Vitamix! The holy grail of blenders is now sitting in my kitchen. I don’t know that I have ever been so excited about a kitchen appliance. I’ve been wanting one for awhile now, and finally decided to bite the bullet and get one a few weeks ago. I’ve only made a few smoothies so far, but they’ve been amazing. I can’t wait to try some juicing this weekend. 


* Awards season! I am particularly excited about the Oscars coming up next weekend. Thoughts on the Grammy’s? That is by no means my favorite awards show. It’s not even really fun to watch for the dresses…the stars seem to use this show as an excuse to wear their most wacky, skanky (yes I said skanky) outfits, and I’m generally not a fan. However, there are usually some good performances, and it’s still fun to watch a room full of celebrities mingle and catfight (I’m talking about you Taylor and Kanye). I felt like this year’s show in particular was one huge concert, which was pretty awesome. Not gonna lie – Justin Bieber’s performance was my favorite. Yes he is somewhat of a tool, but that kid (man now, I guess?) has some talent. Least favorite? That Kendrick Lamar guy that basically just yelled and did some sort of tribal dance all over the stage. I just can’t get in to that.

* If you are not following this boutique on Instagram and Facebook, you need to be. Blue Door Boutique is in Columbus, GA, and while I haven’t actually visited the flagship store, I’ve been blowing them up with online orders. Their stuff is adorable and super comfy. Think lots of tunics and flowy tops and dresses…totally my everyday style. I really like their scarves and accessories too. I recently ordered this dress for Easter as well. They post daily pics on Instagram of new arrivals and everything is relatively affordable.

Top and scarf from Blue Door. Unrelated, but these Frye short boots are my jam.

* Blue Apron. We are a month in to using this service and it’s been a hit for sure. We are cooking at home a lot more, and trying recipes we never would have attempted before. We haven’t had one bad meal yet…everything is so tasty! I find we are wasting a lot less food too because they only send you the exact portions/measurements for what you need for that meal, so no waste at all and we don’t have leftover ingredients sitting in the fridge and pantry forever and ultimately going bad. One other huge perk – Matt has started cooking meals for us! This has been so nice and puts a lot less pressure on me to get food on the table every night. He really seems to enjoy cooking as well. Plus, it’s nice to spend time together in the kitchen as a family cooking dinner. Asher Wade even enjoys getting in on the action. Highly, highly recommend checking out this service. Let me know if you are interested and I can send you a link for a free delivery. 


* White chocolate raspberry Quest bars. My lunch just about every day. Tastes like dessert, in a protein bar. Between our regular purchases of those and these Complete Cookie things, we keep our local GNC in business.

* Getting our car back! After pimping in a red minivan rental for several days, we finally got our SUV back yesterday. Matt had a scary incidence this past weekend involving some black ice…yikes! Our basically brand new SUV had some pretty significant damage and had to be in the shop for several days. The timing of all this was bad (isn’t it always) because we had literally just turned in our other car (a lease) and were down to one car as it was while trying to figure out what we want to get next, so we had to get a rental at the last minute. Asher Wade seemed to enjoy the minivan, other than the fact that it didn’t have a DVD player and he couldn’t quite understand why he couldn’t watch his movies #middleclasstoddlerproblems Matt made multiple sarcastic comments above the shaggin’ wagon, but I think he secretly liked it too. Mama on the other hand said good riddance. I am just not a minivan mama.

* Friday morning donut dates with my two main guys. Love this tradition we started since moving and it’s one of the best perks of riding together every morning. I don’t know what I most look forward to….the donut treat or the time together:-)


 {Piggy-backing on the above…how true is it that things always happen in 3’s?? We seriously had three unrelated, and very unexpected expenses happen all within the course of a couple weeks, including the aforementioned car repairs. Believe me when I say that I totally get it that it’s all monetary and could be a lot worse, but it’s still very frustrating. Here’s hoping the rest of the month is a little easier on our wallets!}

Happy Friday, y’all!


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