Motivation Monday

Remember how one of my New Year’s intentions was to finally lose the last of this, ahem, almost 3-year old “baby weight?” (Side note – can I even call this “baby weight” anymore, lol??) I am definitely making some progress, which I think has a lot to do with the fact that we moved out of our downtown apartment, and therefore are no longer within walking distance to all of the fabulous restaurants downtown Chattanooga has to offer. We are definitely eating out a lot less, which I know helps me keep my calories in check. I’ve been more mindful of my junk food intake as well, which if you recall, was also an intention of mine. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my sweets, but I’ve been treating them more like a special treat, rather than just part of my meal. In other words, no froyo trips every night after dinner, and no random stops at the local donut shop just because I’m craving my favorite sour cream donut. Cutting out on the restaurants and sweets has certainly helped, but I’ve also become more dedicated to my lunch time workouts. In fact, I get kind of mad when I have a lunch meeting or appointment that causes me to miss my midday workout. It’s a really nice way to break the day up, gives me more energy to get through the afternoon, and probably most importantly, it allows me to get my workout out of the way so I can spend the evening with my family. I am fortunate that we have a nice corporate gym right here in our building, with a locker room and showers. Besides the standard cardio machines and weight equipment, they offer group fitness classes and personal training, which is a huge perk. It makes it super convenient for me, so I really have no excuse not to workout most days.

So, in light of all these intentions, I had this fun (maybe?) idea of doing a weekly update/rundown of my fitness routine from the previous week. I was originally going to post on Saturday mornings since the bulk of my workouts occur Monday-Friday, but then I thought of the title “Motivation Mondays” and really liked it, so I will plan to get a post up every Monday (hopefully). Plus, I almost always get my fitness on during the weekend as well, so now I can cover a full seven-day week. Maybe it will give you a little motivation as well. (See what I did there?)

For starters, below is the group exercise schedule for the month of February. Our gym posts this at the beginning of every month, showing the classes that will be offered each day. I always go through it and circle the classes I plan to attend. Then I add them to my calendar. This holds me accountable and by blocking off the time my boss and secretary will generally not schedule any meetings during that hour. It also helps me to keep track of how many cardio versus strength training sessions I do in a week to make sure my workouts are well rounded. I imagine that most gyms have a group exercise schedule available for the full month, or if they don’t, or you don’t belong to a gym, I encourage you to plan out your workouts yourself and write them down in your calendar. It really does help to motivate and hold you accountable. It’s ok if things come up and you can’t stick with your plan 100%. As you can see for this week, I had circled classes for today and tomorrow, but had to cross them out due to work commitments that I couldn’t get out of. It happens. I’ll just try and fit in a short run before going home this afternoon. That’s another good point – something, anything, is better than nothing. On days like today and tomorrow where I know my schedule is pretty packed, I will at least fit in a 20 minute run on the treadmill, even if it means coming back up to my office sweaty and red-faced (and probably a little smelly…sorry co-workers). Or if that’s not even an option, I’ll go for a walk when I get home. Again, something is better than nothing, and I really try to do something active every single day.

Here is what the last seven days looked like for me, starting with last Monday…

Monday 2/15: 15 minutes on the treadmill (6.0 mph), 30 minute power yoga class

Tuesday 2/16: 45 minute step class, 5 minutes of abs on my own

Wednesday 2/17: 15 minutes on the treadmill (5.8 mph), 45 minute power yoga class

Thursday 2/18: 15 minutes on the elliptical, 45 total body training class (this is primarily strength training with weights and a few tabata style cardio bursts)

Friday 2/19: 10 minutes on the treadmill (5.6 mph), 45 minute sports drill class (mix of agility, strength and interval training using a circuit format)

Saturday 2/20: 1 hour walk around the neighborhood

Sunday 2/21: 75 minute hot, power yoga class at a local yoga studio

This was a good week for me. I feel like I had a well-rounded blend of cardio and strength training and having the three yoga classes mixed in was awesome. I especially love it when I can make it to that Sunday evening class at a local hot yoga studio. It really is my happy place. My absolute favorite workout is a 15 minute jog followed by a sweaty, powerful yoga class. A lot of people seem to think you should take a day off from exercise each week, but I just don’t buy in to that. I think some form of exercise every day is good. Maybe I would need a recovery day if I were doing serious weight training, or training for a marathon or something, but I’m not. I rarely work the same muscles each day, and even if I do (like Thursday and Friday, which actually isn’t normal for me to do both of those classes), I don’t work them hard enough to require a lot of rest in between. The yoga really helps me to stretch and recover as well. Plus, I almost consider my Saturday walk to be my “recovery day” since I take it pretty easy and usually talk to my mom the whole time;)

How did your fitness routine look for the week??


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