Toddler Tuesday {Asher Wade Update}

Haven’t done an update on Asher Wade in what feels like forever. Upon looking back at old posts, I see that it was over three months ago. He’s turning three in a couple of months, and I’m sure I will do a more detailed post then, so for now I will just document a few things.

I have no idea how much he weighs other than assuming it’s somewhere in the 39-40 lbs. range. I regularly get his height using the tape measure and he’s hanging out right around 3 ft., 3 in. It kind of goes without saying now that he’s still a hoss, although most of those sweet, sweet baby rolls are long gone. He has a stocky, football player build and he’s heavy as all get out. As much as I love picking him up and holding him, it’s just not good for my back. Not that he takes the time to let me hold him much anymore anyways except for the occasional on-the-go snuggle. That child is always on the move. Runs everywhere…it’s like he doesn’t even know how to slow his legs down into a comfortable walk. It’s a full out run all the time. He really just never stops moving…it can be exhausting at times! We have been so fortunate with his good health. It’s really amazing and such a blessing. I was certain we were going to have a rough fall/winter seeing as how he had been sheltered at Ms. Judy’s for so long and would now be attending a typical daycare (a/k/a germ central), but he’s been the healthiest kid in his class by far, with just a little cold here and there. I’ve said it before and I will say it again….#allhailthebreastmilk. I really think that nursing him for so long increased his immunity tenfold and allowed him to build up all those antibodies to ward off sicknesses. I’ve read that he will reap the benefits for many years, and I hope that is true.

Asher Wade loves to ride his scooter and bike. He does amazingly well on that scooter, and has been for several months now. We got him one of those balance bikes for Christmas and he’s getting the hang of that too. He also loves to run around outside and explore the neighborhood. Since it’s a new development, there are a lot of places to explore. Plus there are usually diggers and cranes which he thinks is awesome. Outside is his happy place for sure. He basically begs to play outside everyday when we get home, regardless of the weather. January and February are our cold/rainy months, so while outside play isn’t always feasible right now, spring is right around the corner and I’m looking forward to spending more time outdoors with him. He loves all sports, especially soccer. We got him a soccer goal for Christmas and he loves dribbling and kicking goals. Matt taught him to run in a big circle when he scores a goal, yelling “Goooooooaaalllll” with his hands up in the air. It’s rather comical. He starts unofficial “official” soccer lessons in a couple of weeks, which I can only imagine to be comical as well.

He’s obsessed with all things Paw Patrol, The Lion Guard (the spinoff of The Lion King), PJ Masks, Little Einsteins, trains, airplanes, his Imaginex play castles and action figures, dinosaurs, books, diggers, trucks and cars.  He likes to color and draw pictures.  He’s crazy about Annie and still calls her “Eenie the Catty” (Annie the Kitty).  He’s always looking for her and carrying her around.  Thankfully she has an affinity for him as well. He eats, like, five things (fruit, yogurt, mac n’ cheese, crackers and granola bars), which is incredibly frustrating, but obviously trying to force an almost 3 year old to eat what you want them to is like herding cats….it ain’t gonna happen. We usually just fix him a plate of whatever we are having for dinner and I’ll include something I know he will eat (like one of the aforementioned five foods) and hope for the best. It’s just not worth the battle right now, and obviously he isn’t hurting in the growth department;)  We do have to watch his sugar or he gets very hyper and has a hard time sleeping. Seems like even a little bit can really affect him, especially if it’s close to bedtime. On that note, sleep has been a little challenging for the past few months. He comes into our room most nights and wants to get in our bed. Matt walks him straight back to his room and he goes right back to sleep, but it’s still very disrupting for all of us. This has been a looooong phase that I am hoping ends sooner rather than later!

While I wouldn’t say he has tantrums, we have experienced a little bit of what I can only assume is the “terrible twos.” He’s definitely testing the waters and can have some ridiculous come-aparts, but for the most part he’s really good and obeys well and is just your typical little 2-year old boy. We utilize time-out when he’s disobedient or losing his mind for no reason, and that works pretty well. He has a little bit of a temper and get frustrated easily when he doesn’t get his way.  Totally normal, I know, but we don’t want him to think anger is the best reaction when you don’t get what you want.  I’ll be the first to admit that I am kind of a sucker and go soft pretty quickly, especially if he starts crying.  Matt is more of the disciplinarian, and therefore AW does respect him more, so I probably need to put on my big-girl (big-mama) panties and stop being suckered by those big eyes and pouty lips;) He’s still very loving and can be so, so sweet, and he knows how to work me over.  He tells Matt and I that he loves us multiple times a day, without being prompted, and he loves to hug and give kisses.  Also still super friendly and rarely meets a stranger.

I usually update on his speech and I am happy to report that it has gotten so much better.  Articulation definitely still needs some work, but he can communicate with us really well and we usually know what he’s saying.  Other people I’m not so sure about!  He still has funny words for things, but it’s honestly so cute I may cry when he starts calling things by their proper names.  He repeats everything right now, so we really have to be careful.  Oh, and he definitely has a little southern twang!  I guess this isn’t surprising considering he was born in Alabama and now lives in Tennessee, but having lived most of my life in SW Florida, it’s hilarious to me that I will have this total southern child.

I guess that’s it for now! Will have something else around his third (yikes!) birthday, I’m sure.  It will be here before I know it!


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