Friday’s Faves

High five, it’s Friday y’all!  After a pretty hectic week at work, I am very excited for the weekend to be here.  I am especially excited because we have nothing on the agenda.  At least nothing set in stone.  Well, I do have to go get my hair done this afternoon, but I rather enjoy that hour to myself to read a magazine and catch up with my hilarious stylist, so I consider this a to-do item that I don’t mind.  Also, after a week of horrible weather, it’s supposed to be sunny and gorgeous, albeit a little cold (come on Spring!), and I’m sure we will be spending some time outdoors soaking up that vitamin D.

Some faves as of late…

* Walking in to my office on Monday morning and seeing this sitting on my chair….


Monday mornings are exponentially better when you find Girl Scout cookies sitting on your chair. #samoasforlife

* Who is watching The People v. O.J. Simpson on FX?  Matt and I are addicted.  I think the acting is so good.  I was totally skeptical of Ross playing Robert Kardashian (or any sort of serious role in general), but he’s great.  Sarah Paulson is perfect as well.  And John Travolta as Shapiro…those eyebrows kill me!  Of course Cuba Gooding, Jr. is great as O.J.  The whole cast is just perfect.


* I know I mentioned my new Vitamix last week, but seriously, I am a juicing, smoothie-making fiend!  I can’t get enough of this thing.  We visited a local produce stand and stocked up on all sorts of fruits and vegetables and I’ve been going to town.  I make a batch of juice most nights to have throughout the next day.  So far my favorite concoction has been 1 orange (peeled), ½ green apple (de-seeded), handful of red grapes, ½ cucumber (peeled), 5 large chunks of pineapple and a large handful of spinach.  My only issue is that my juices seem to come out a little frothy.  Does anyone know how to remedy that?  It doesn’t really bother me, but I feel like all that extra air makes me a little bloated.


* Continuing with food, I love these Chobani Greek yogurt mix-in’s.  My favorite one is actually the chocolate peanut butter even though it’s a lot higher in calories than what I prefer, but the 100 calorie varieties are good too.  Strawberry and chocolate can do no wrong in my opinion.


* Justin Bieber’s new album.  There.  I said it.  I have #bieberfever


Oh, and something new starting next Friday…

I am by NO means a fashion’ista, or a fashion blogger, or really super big on fashion in general.  I mean, I like clothes (duh) and I like to shop (online) and I’m a sucker for a good sale, but I definitely have a “standard style” and I’m not much to venture away from that.  Right now leggings and flowy tunics are my jam.  In a couple months it will be comfy sundresses.  I feel like I wear the same version of different outfits every day, but I just like what I like.  I’m always rushed in the morning and the last thing I want to do is spend time putting together an outfit.  Most importantly, I like to be comfortable.  I came across an Instagram post the other day where this girl was talking about a “Pinterest fashion challenge” where you have to commit to one month of styling your outfits based off looks you find on Pinterest.  So basically you search Pinterest and pin one outfit for each day of the month and then recreate it with whatever you already have in your own closet (no buying new clothes-that’s cheating!), and then posting a side-by-side picture of the Pinterest ensemble and your own inspired ensemble.  Fun, right?  I am going to try it for the month of March!  I’m probably going to focus on Monday-Friday only because I honestly live in workout clothes on the weekends, but we will see how it goes.  I’ll post my five days of Pinterest inspired outfits on Friday afternoons.  I’m hoping this will encourage me to venture out of my go-to ensemble, and help maximize my closetful of clothes that often go untouched.  Maybe it will give you some inspiration as well:-)

Happy weekend!


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