Pinterest vs. Me

First installment of this Pinterest vs. Me style challenge!  I made it a whole week of putting together outfits based off pictures I found on Pinterest, all using items I already had in my closet.  Believe me, I pinned several cute outfits where I was like, “Oh I could just go buy a cozy scarf in that material, or a blouse in that color, or a pair of dangly earrings like that.” etc., etc. etc.  I’ve had to force myself to pick outfits that utilize items I already have in my closet, rather than what I have in my shopping bag at;)  It wasn’t easy!  If I were more adventurous and not such a creature of (comfortable) habit, it probably would have been easier; however, in addition to the restriction of using clothing and accessories that I already own, I also wanted the outfits to be comfortable for a full workday and not involve a lot of “pieces” because I have to undress and redress every day at lunch when I workout.  In other words, I need to get myself put back together fast.  Layers and complicated buttons and snaps and jewelry and scarves look cute in pictures, but they just aren’t practical when I have to take it all off and put it back on in the middle of the day.  If only Lululemon was an acceptable workday attire….

Here are my five outfits from the past week, all shown side by side next to the Pinterest outfit that gave me my inspiration.  Sorry about the quality of the pictures and the 70’s style bathroom.  I would just take my pictures in the ladies room closest to my office when I arrived each morning.


This outfit is totally my favorite everyday style – comfy cotton dress, flowing cardigan and knee high boots.  It was relatively warm on this day, so I decided to forgo the tights, although I did prefer the look with them included.  I really the black with the tan. This dress is sleeveless, so it’s very versatile and I wear it without a cardigan in the summer with cute sandals.  I also like the modesty of the high neck.  Dress is White House Black Market, the cardigan I picked up at Belk last fall (not sure of brand) and boots are Vince Camuto, also from Belk.


Another favorite everyday style – leggings, tunic, cardigan and flats, although these actually have a little wedge on them.  I live in this sort of outfit during the fall especially, and on those warmer winter days, like this day.  I love the strappy sandals shown in the Pinterest pic, but I have a weird thing about wearing open toed shoes in the winter.  Leggings and tunic are White House Black Market, cardigan I actually picked up from JC Penney in the fall and my wedge shoes are Tory Burch.


I loved the look of this, but it was one of those outfits that involved too many pieces for me to feel comfortable.  I felt like I was adjusting all day, and it took too long to get undressed/redressed during my lunch time workout, lol.  That’s why I omitted the necklace.  I actually have tan skinny pants really similar to the ones in the picture, but they were dirty, so I went with cream skinnies.  I also own that exact purse, but decided it would be a little silly to bring it just for the sake of the picture;)  It matches perfect though. Navy crew sweater is Ralph Lauren (from Belk I think), orange and navy button down is J Crew, cream skinnies are from Blue Door Boutique and brown boots are Marc Fisher from Belk.


Red is one of my favorite colors, and I love animal prints, so this outfit choice was a no-brainer when I came across it on Pinterest.  I prefer tops to cover my rear, and I don’t like wearing belts, so I opted for a tunic style.  Plus I love the ruffles on this top.  I can’t for the life of me remember where I got it, but I know it was a couple of years ago.  The jeans are my favorite “tooth pick” skinnies from J Crew (seriously the best jeans…I own several pairs in different washes), infinity scarf is from Target and boots are Tommy Hilfiger from Belk.


I initially liked the look of this one, but I think the scarf was a little too bulky with the jean jacket.  I wanted to follow the look this go around, but next time I will probably wear a long silver necklace instead.  I really like the black with the denim though.  Don’t laugh, but this dress is actually from Pea in the Pod, as in maternity AND nursing friendly.  It has some pretty ruching in the front (hidden by the scarf in this case) which accommodates a growing belly, but still looks nice even after the baby belly is gone.  There is also some draping in the chest area that allows easy access for nursing.  I bought a few of these dresses in different colors and wore them while pregnant and then when nursing, and I still wear the black one to this day.  Super versatile and so comfortable.  Jean jacket is from Gap, scarf is from Target and boots are Vince Camuto from Belk.


I liked this cozy look a lot.  It was cold that day and the scarf and cable knit sweater kept me warm.  These blanket scarves can be a little voluminous and awkward, but they do keep you warm.  Scarf is from Target, sweater is Gap, grey shirt underneath is Sophie Max from Belk, black skinny jeans are J Crew, and I’m wearing Tory Burch black ballet flats identical to the ones the girl was wearing in the Pinterest pic.


I really wanted to buy that black and white cardigan shown in the Pinterest picture, but had to refrain and improvise with a similar one I had in my closet.  I love black and white together, but did like the addition of the grey.  I own a pair of over-the-knee black boots, but don’t wear them often, so I was happy to have a use for them.  Cardigan is from Nordstrom (not sure of brand), black turtleneck is White House Black Market, white skinny jeans are DL1961 from Nordstrom and black boots I randomly bought off Zulily last year.

Overall this was super fun! I’m really going to try and stick with it all month and continue to document my outfits weekly. Y’all should join in too!


One thought on “Pinterest vs. Me

  1. So happy you’re regularly blogging again! I’ve been missing your posts! Love all the outfits, especially the last one. Those boots!!! I’d definitely participate if I was still working. Right now my daily attire is Old Navy lounge pants and a T-shirt! 😉


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