Pinterest vs. Me {Week 2}

I made it through another week of styling my outfits using Pinterest as inspiration!  Not going to lie – it was a little harder this week.  After a few nights where I didn’t sleep well and basically felt like a zombie in the morning, I desperately just wanted to fall out of bed and into some comfy clothes (ie. jeans and tee).  Thankfully I had picked out my outfits the night before, so it made it a little more doable.  Our mornings are always so hectic, and preparation the night before is key.  We had some serious springtime weather this week (it hit 75 degrees on Wednesday!), so I was able to go bare legged (please disregard my scary, ghost-like legs) and wear short sleeves a couple of days.  Seriously though, I am going to have to pick-up some self tanner before I do that anymore.  Yikes.  I actually improvised a little on Tuesday and did not exactly follow my originally chosen outfit.  I only went to the office for a couple of hours because Asher Wade was sick and I spent the majority of the day home with him.  You can see in my Tuesday pic below what I had intended to do with this outfit, but jeans and wedges replaced the (p)leather leggings and black booties.  I knew I’d come home and immediately change into sweats, which is exactly what I did.  I’m surprised I put as much effort in to the outfit as I did considering I was only out of the house for a total of 2 hours.  I mean, I even put on a necklace!

Here are my latest six outfits…including one from last Friday:

00d856ea-949a-4796-a5ee-6b92e465e88dI guess I kind of improvised on this one too. I think the idea was to mix black, tan and white, which does look really nice, but at the last minute I decided my tan blanket scarf was too hot. It’s a fleece material, and I knew I’d be burning up given the spring like temps. I don’t particularly like the scarf I’m wearing (after living in Alabama, I tend to stay away from houndstooth, lest everyone think I’m a Bama fan), but it is a nice light weight fabric.  I love black and white together, so this was an easy choice for me.  Jeggings are from White House Black Market, tunic is Banana Republic, kitten heels are Born (think I bought them at Belk) and I honestly have no clue where I got that scarf.  It’s definitely several years old.

fe68840b-a9d1-45c8-a0cb-66da13a64093This was from my two-hour workday.  I adore this chunky cream sweater from White House Black Market.  The material is a blend of cashmere and angora, so very soft and cozy.  I also like that the back is longer and covers my rear.  The draping in the front is really pretty too.  Jeans are my favorite toothpick skinny style from J Crew, black silk tank is from Target, tan wedges are Tory Burch and my pendant necklace is from Banana Republic.

Black, tan and white inspiration again!  I didn’t notice this until I did this blog post!  I love everything about this outfit…not shocking given that it’s my favorite combo of leggings and a tunic.  I bought this tunic about a month ago from Blue Door Boutique and it is seriously the best material.  Soft with a little stretch and it just hangs really nicely.  Leggings are from Blue Door Boutique as well and they are thicker than most leggings, and made from the same material as the tunic.  Black wedges are Tory Burch.  Necklace I recently picked up from Belk.  It’s a mix of yellow gold and silver, which means it can go with just about anything.  I like the length too.

For some reason the color of my dress looks really dark in the picture, but it’s actually a lighter grey.  Again, I have a thick blanket scarf that would have gone perfectly with the dress, and mirrored the Pinterest look better, but it was too warm for this day, hence why I am bare (and very pale) legged.  Instead I went with a grey, white, blue and navy scarf that’s a gauzy material.  I’m also wearing a few silver bangles like in the Pinterest pic, but they are hidden by my sleeve.  Whoops.  I must mention this dress I’m wearing because it’s so awesome that I have five of them in different colors, including a striped one.  So soft and comfortable, great material and fit and very versatile.  It’s from Old Navy, bought in the fall.  Scarf is from Target and short boots are Frye from Dillard’s.

54355a9d-18e8-4021-9509-6d0ea95f714bAll black ensemble for this day.  I came across this pic on Pinterest and immediately noticed the leather top because I have one very similar that I rarely wear, even though I love it.  Mine is actually pleather, but I would bet money the Pinterest one is too.  I bought this top back in early fall form Banana Republic, but only wore it once, with a black pencil skirt.  I love the look of it with ankle length pants.  These pants.  I have to tell you the funniest thing about them.  They are from HIGH SCHOOL.  As in the place I graduated from almost 16 years ago.  They are without a doubt the most worn pants I’ve ever owned, and are definitely up there on my list of favorite clothing.  I cannot believe they are still in such great shape considering the number of times I have washed and worn them over the years.  Nothing fancy at all and I’m pretty sure I got them on clearance in the Macy’s juniors department.  They just fit awesome and are the perfect length.  I may cry when they finally fall apart, but hopefully they still have a few (or 30) years left in them.  Black heels are Marc Fisher from Belk and red cuff bracelet is from Belk. 

 This outfit has so many things about it that I love.  I had already picked something to wear today, and then this popped up on my feed.  Then I also remembered that the forecast was calling for rain today, and that sealed the deal on the outfit change this morning.  My cherry red Hunters are perfect for rainy days.  Besides the obvious fact that they are super practical, they are also super cute and can make an ordinary outfit seem a little more interesting.  Because, red boots, duh.  I love the all white with the pop of red.  I don’t know that I would have ever thought to do this, but I think it totally works.  White jeans are DL1961 from Nordstrom. White tee is by the brand Leveret, which I often get off Zulily.  I love their basic long sleeved tees and turtlenecks and always stock up when they are on Zulily.  I buy their pajamas for Asher Wade too.  The white camisole underneath I actually bought from a friend’s online boutique {search “Simple and Sassy Boutique” on Instagram to see daily deals}.  Rain boots are Hunter from Nordstrom. Oh, and I’d give my left arm for that white purse in the Pinterest pic.

So there you go!  Another week down.  I think we are going to have several days of rain, so I may have to get creative.  The rain boots may be making some more appearances next week. Thank goodness we have a casual dress code at work;)


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