Toddler Soccer {or, that time I became a soccer mom}

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that we had signed Asher Wade up for soccer lessons.  He loves playing soccer in the backyard with the goal we got him for Christmas, and while I worried he was too young for any sort of organized sports activity, I just kept my expectations low and let him at it.  Surprisingly, it went pretty well.  Or, as well as you could expect for a bunch of 2-3 year olds.  He totally got the fundamentals of the game.  It was the listening to instruction part that was a little more challenging;)  I could definitely see his wheels turning….”I already know what you want me to do so I’m just going to do it and bypass this whole instruction part.”  Typical independent toddler behavior.  They had him until they tried to tell him to stand on the blue circle and wait his turn.  That blue dot was almost the death of him.


All in all he did really well.  It did take him a little bit to warm up to the coach and other kids…totally out of character for him to act shy.  He was very clingy those first 10 minutes or so, but Matt got him on the field and ran around with him to get him to loosen up.

img_0937 img_0965 img_0940 img_0941 img_0968 img_1004 2061625c-4a8a-418c-92d1-7632a107192b

Once he got over that though he had a ball.  They did all sorts of little drills and it was ridiculously cute watching them hold their hands behind their backs (the concept of “no hands” seemed to be very confusing for them) and steadying the ball under their foot…


I was actually pretty amazed at how quickly and efficiently he dribbled the ball across the field…

b274ef65-d43e-477a-ae85-12bd66c3e28e 13b4d9ee-7f3c-4c41-859d-ad6ade549e1b cbe27711-f646-4718-af7c-473802477082 img_1034 img_1035 img_0972 img_1038

He also got a jersey, which he did not like for some reason…

img_0964 img_0991

Oh, and I made a pretty good soccer mom, standing on the sidelines, in my gym clothes, sporting my shades, sipping my coffee, and pretty much thinking my kid looked like a boss.  That’s what being a soccer mom entails, right? I’ve totally got my role down;)


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