Pinterest vs. Me {Week 3}

Another week down, and I am doing pretty good, for the most part. Tuesday kind of threw me for a loop.  I had picked something out the night before, but then we totally overslept and I pretty much got dressed while washing my face, while brushing my teeth, while fixing a cup of coffee.  Needless to say, I didn’t have time to look at my Pinterest pic to see what exactly I was supposed to be doing with the accessories.  I was doing good to remember my pants that morning.  Without further adieu…


 It was randomly chilly on Monday, so I had to dig back to my winter clothes again. I knew I was going to be holed up in my office working on a project most of the day, so I was totally going for comfort.  I actually have a cute pair of leopard print high heels like the ones in the pin, but again, comfort was key so I opted for my leopard flats.  Same idea though.  White turtleneck tunic is Sophie Max from Belk (I have a few of these in different colors…nice material and fit).  Leggings are the “Everyday Leggings” from J Crew.  Leopard flats I picked up at Nordstrom a couple years back.  Necklace is from White House Black Market.


 This was the aforementioned Tuesday. Obviously I forgot my gold accessories, but hey, I did put on a necklace.  I look so tired in this picture.  More coffee please.  Shirt is that Crown and Ivy brand (which I love) from Belk.  White khaki pants are that INC brand from Macy’s, and they are several years old.  Necklace I picked up from Belk.  Shoes are Born and I think I got them from Belk.  I guess I am carrying my wallet because I was headed down to the cafeteria for, you guessed it, more coffee.  It is Tory Burch and I love it because it can function as a clutch as well.


 Wednesday’s outfit was a bit of a conglomeration of two Pinterest finds. I’m actually wearing the exact dress shown in the top picture.  She accessorized the dress with gold jewelry, but I preferred the pop of yellow with the navy and white, as shown in the bottom picture.  I love navy and yellow together and I just really liked this outfit in general.  Dress is Lily Pulitzer (style is the Marlowe t-shirt dress, which always fits and hangs so nicely).  Tan wedges are Tory Burch.  Necklace was a gift from a friend.


 St. Patrick’s Day! Obviously the color green had to be the focal point today.  It was randomly cold again this morning, so the black turtleneck and longer skirt worked well.  I love that beautiful, floor-skimming skirt in the Pinterest picture, but my skirt was more work appropriate.  It hits right in the middle of my calf, so it still has that long look.  It also has that crinkly, pleated look like in the Pinterest pic.  Skirt is from Banana Republic.  Black turtleneck is by the brand Leveret, which I have mentioned before, and I got it off Zulily.  Black heels are Marc Fisher from Belk.  Necklace is from Belk.


Random shot from last night:-)


 The morning after St. Patrick’s Day. Oh dear.  We aren’t exactly Irish (although “McWilliams” must have some sort of Irish heritage), but Matt and I have always enjoyed going out on St. Patrick’s Day.  It’s not like we are out bar-hopping (although we did visit three different spots last night) and throwing back green beers (red wine was certainly enjoyed), but we enjoy finding a cool spot (or three….) to relax and people watch.  If you think you are too old to get out and enjoy the festivities, I highly recommend you reconsider.  The highlight of going out on nights like this is simply watching the revelry going down around you.  People.are.hilarious.  People drinking ridiculous amounts of alcohol whilst trying to hit on one another are really hilarious.  This twenty-first century version of what I can only guess is some sort of mating ritual is really apparent on St. Patrick’s Day and all I can say is that it makes for some good people watching.  First dates seem to be popular on this holiday as well, and Matt and I enjoy watching the awkwardness that almost always ensues.  Good times I tell you. 


 Anyways, even though we got home before 10 o’clock last night and were in bed 30 minutes after that, the exhaustion and headache I felt this morning totally reminded me that I am old and really should not be allowed out of the house on weeknights. Thankfully I had picked a low-key and comfortable outfit for today.  I thought the pin was kind of funny – “How to Wear Jeans” – I mean, I didn’t know one needed instructions on how to wear jeans?  Do other people not put one foot in after the other?  This is further proof that I am not a fashion’ista because I was pretty certain there was one way to wear jeans…on your legs.  Oh well.  Nevertheless I liked this jeans with cardigan with scarf with short boots look, so I went for it, with some improvises in the color combination.  Jeans are my tried and true “Toothpick” style from J Crew.  Cardigan is Karen Kane (love, love this brand) from Belk, white tank (that you can’t really see, but it is so cute with the little buttons down the front) was a gift from my M.I.L. and I think she got it from a local boutique in their hometown.  Scarf is from Target.  Short boots are Frye.

 There you have it! Another successful week.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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