Motivation Monday {Week 5}

Happy Monday and Happy Spring!  I am personally so happy to be kissing Old Man Winter goodbye, although you wouldn’t exactly know it was spring by walking outside.  What’s up with this random cold snap?!  Thankfully it only appears to be staying for a day or two, but yeesh, I’m over it.  Last week was amazing though, and in addition to my lunch time workouts, we took family walks around the neighborhood just about every night.  I also mixed it up on Thursday and skipped my usual strength training class for a long walk/run along the river.  I love working downtown because of the close proximity to the river.  In case you’ve never been to Chattanooga, the Tennessee River runs right through it and there is a sidewalk that follows the whole length of it, providing miles of walking and running.  It’s really beautiful and peaceful…probably one of my favorite things about this city.  There are also several bridges you can walk over to take in the scenery.  Chattanooga is actually called the “Scenic City” and it certainly rings true.  Some scenes from my walk on Thursday…

img_1143 img_1146 img_1141 img_1149

Pretty, huh?

And here are my stats from the previous week…

Monday 3/14: 20 minutes on the treadmill (5.8 mph) and a 30 minute “Chisel” class, which is all strength training using free weights for the most part

Tuesday 3/15: 15 minutes on the treadmill (5.8 mph), 30 minute step class, 15 minutes of ab exercises

Wednesday 3/16: 20 minutes on the elliptical and a 45 minute power yoga class

Thursday 3/17: hour long walk outside, with a few running intervals thrown in

Friday 3/18: 15 minutes on the treadmill (5.8 mph) and a 45 minute “Sports Drill” class (combo of cardio intervals and weight training)

Saturday 3/19: 30 minute walk around the neighborhood and then Matt and I visited an indoor rock climbing center for our date night – 1 hour of climbing and my arms and back are feeling it today!  Pics below;-)

Sunday 3/20: Busy day running errands and I missed my favorite hot yoga class, but I fit in a 30 minute walk (with some sprint intervals thrown in) around the neighborhood, followed by 20 minutes of circuit training back at the house (using free weights).

A pretty well rounded week!  We definitely splurged on food this week and ate out more than we should have, but I kept breakfast and lunch pretty light, and I fit in a workout every day.  My parents and brother are coming in for Easter weekend, and I KNOW we will be visiting some of our favorite restaurants, so I’m going to really try and keep it clean this week – so I don’t feel guilty treating myself this coming weekend;)  It’s all about moderation y’all!

Like I mentioned above, for our Saturday date night Matt and I finally checked out High Point Climbing downtown.  This place is insane and there were some equally insane (IMO) people doing some serious “free climbing” (no harness).  Matt and I stuck to the easier courses (with harnesses securely fastened) and we did pretty well for our first time!  I am pretty scared of heights, so I had no intentions of climbing too high, but Matt went pretty high.  Oh, and I may have had one incident where I fell down on my neighbor, lol!  Such a great workout though.

img_1271 img_1268 img_1266 img_1256 img_1258


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