Toddler Tuesday {weekend shenanigans}

We had another busy, but fun weekend.  #toddlerAW was in full effect and had no shortage of things to keep him entertained.  We barely had time to get him down for his afternoon naps.  I’m kind of wondering how much longer we will be able to hold on to these naps.  To be honest, they are kind of annoying because we always have to stop whatever we are doing and make sure to get him home for nap time.  He’s never been one to nap on the go, and like his mama, prefers to be in his bed, in a dark room, with the fan on to drown out any outside noise.  He still takes a 1.5-2 hour nap most days and really seems to need that mid-day rest, or he can get pretty cranky as the day goes on.  I may kick myself when he finally does stop napping, but I feel like it will make things easier to not have to work around his nap schedule all the time.  When I mentioned this to Matt the other day, he quickly confirmed that he definitely still likes nap time and hopes AW keeps them up as long as possible, but I think he only feels this way right now during March Madness…nap time = daddy gets to watch basketball games in peace.

Anyways, we had beautiful weather again this weekend (at least until this cold front moved through on Sunday afternoon) and spent a lot of time outdoors soaking it up.  Friday after work we went by Whole Foods and picked up some food and drinks for an impromptu picnic at the park.  Asher Wade is getting so big and doesn’t have to stick to the toddler playground anymore…he’s right there hanging with the big kids and climbing all over the larger play structures, scaring mama to death most of the time;)  He still loves those bucket swings though… 

Saturday morning was soccer practice.  He was a little ornery this time and wasn’t too interested in participating until the very end.  For some reason he acts really shy at soccer, which is totally uncharacteristic for him.  Later that afternoon we went to an Easter egg hunt event that my company organized.  It was really well done and AW had a blast.  This was the first time he really seemed to “get” the concept of an Easter egg hunt and he was all about, talking strategy before they blew the whistle (“I go get the bluuuuue eggs mommy”) and then filling his basket as though his life depended on it, knocking over kids and taking names in the process.  That child definitely has the McWilliams/Whitley competitive streak.  Pray for him.    

This slide.  It took him a good ten minutes and some tears to initially figure out how to pull himself up the ropes to get to the top, but once he figured it out, we couldn’t get him off.  He did that thing over and over. 

The pony rides and petting zoo were a hit as well.  He was obsessed with this chicken. Very serious about holding it and didn’t want to put it down. Thankfully chicken was a good sport.

He wasn’t too sure about the Easter Bunny and I had to sit up there with him.  If I remember correctly, I had to sit with him last year too.  He adores Santa, but something about that bunny makes him leery.  May have been that lazy eye…  This little boy…such a mess, but such a blessing to us:-)


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