Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful, family filled Easter weekend in Chattanooga this year.  Like I mentioned last week, my parents flew in on Friday, and my brother and his girlfriend drove over from Nashville on Sunday morning to spend the day with us.  We were able to all go to church together and enjoy brunch at our house, which was so special.  It’s not often we are all in the same city at the same time!  I cannot believe I didn’t get a single picture of us all from that day.  Don’t you wish you could have a designated photographer following you around?  I feel like I miss out on so many photo opportunities because I’m always so busy running around, visiting and entertaining.  After church and brunch at home, we basically just relaxed and visited, and watched The Good Dinosaur.  The Easter Bunny left this movie in Asher Wade’s basket and it’s pretty much been on repeat ever since.  AW provided most of the entertainment, as per the usual.  Between family being in town, a sugar high, and the general excitement of Easter, he was pretty much bouncing off walls.  He skipped a nap for like the fourth time in his life…no chance he was going down and missing out on anything.  He loves hanging out with family.

Easter is such a special holiday to me.  I always get emotional thinking about the meaning behind it and the events that occurred so many years ago.  It is incredibly humbling to think that someone loved me so much, that he came to this earth, knowing his sole purpose was to die for me, for my family, my friends, all of my loved ones, and all he asked for in return was a faithful friendship.  Such a simple request for such a huge sacrifice.  I look at Asher Wade, my own son, that I love so very much, and I can’t imagine how God must have felt, other than knowing he obviously loved us more than we could ever fathom.  Because that’s the kind of love it would take to hand over your own son.  For that, I am incredibly thankful.


I’ll share the handful of pictures I took throughout the weekend.  We were blessed with some beautiful spring weather and were able to spend a lot of time outdoors.  It was fun showing my parents around Chattanooga and taking them to all of our favorite spots.



Even Maddux enjoyed the beautiful weather:-)



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