Pinterest vs. Me {Week 5}

This is technically supposed to be my last week of the “Pinterest vs. Me” monthly challenge.  I think I may continue with it though because (1) It’s helping me be more creative with my outfits, (2) It’s forcing me to utilize clothes in my closet that otherwise go untouched, and (3) It’s kind of fun:-)  While I may not post a full work-week’s worth (say that three times fast) of outfits, I’ll continue to at least do a few days, maybe more, we shall see!  This week was a little off since I didn’t work on Monday and was basically in gym clothes all day.  However, I included an outfit from the weekend that I styled based off a Pinterest picture.


This was from Saturday (I think…). Too warm for the long sleeved grey tee, and too much walking for the super high heels, and sorry, but I don’t do tote bags with birds on them. I improvised a little (like usual), but you get the gist! I love the peach and grey together and this scarf has little pineapples all over it, which is so cute and fun. Plus it matches my jeans perfectly. Jeans are Crown and Ivy form Belk, grey tee is from LOFT (their “sun washed” tees, which are the best), scarf is from Belk, tan wedges are Born, likely from Belk. My non-bird tote is my faithful Louis Vuitton Neverfull.  Sunglasses are Coach.


I got a lot of compliments on Tuesday’s outfit. People loved the red, black and white together. I got a lot of compliments on my “tan” as well, which is totally thanks to this red top. Seriously, it’s the BEST shade of red ever and makes you look so tan for some reason. I desperately need to find a swimsuit in this color before the cruise. Pants are the “Pixie” style from Old Navy, red tank is INC from Macy’s, white cardigan is Karen Kane from Belk, black heels are Marc Fisher from Belk.  One gold bracelet is Alex and Ani and the other was a gift.


Hump Day, and it was a big hump to get over. I was so exhausted this morning and literally would have given anything to wear my pajamas to work. This outfit was a pretty close second though. I totally did not follow my intended outfit of choice, and when I rolled over in the morning I knew I’d be improvising with something simple and quick to throw on. I actually had a couple important face-to-face meetings that afternoon and really should have worn something more professional, hence why I had chosen that original outfit, but it just wasn’t happening. I did keep with the color scheme, but opted for a loose tunic, cream skinnies and wedges. I can’t stress enough the importance of having several of these sort of tunics in your closet. They are so easy to throw on and go with pretty much anything. This one even has pockets. Tunic and cream skinny jeans are from Blue Door Boutique, tan wedges are Tory Burch, necklace is from Belk and that pretty bracelet was a gift from my brother and his girlfriend.


Yucky and rainy on Thursday, so the rain boots were a must. I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth from these things…they are probably the shoes I wear the most. They are super practical. Well, maybe not the cherry red color, but at least they are interesting. I’ve mentioned these Old Navy dresses numerous times before because I have several of them and I love them so much. It looks black and white in the picture, but it’s actually navy and white. So yes, red, white and blue again for the win! Dress is Old Navy from this past fall (but they restock regularly), boots are Hunter, silver chain is from White House Black Market.


Wearing an easy and comfy outfit today. I like the color combo a lot and I love this flowy cardigan. It’s really lightweight and has some stretch. I am not a fan of the shoes they chose in the Pinterest pic, and although I have a similar pair I could have worn, I personally think the ones I picked look better. Plus I’ve been itching to wear them. Another good find from the Tory Burch Private sale a few weeks back. I picked this cardigan up from Belk last fall, but not sure of brand (and I ripped the tag out). White tee is the “sunwashed” style from LOFT. Necklace is also from LOFT. Black jeans are the “Toothpick” style from J Crew. Wedge sandals are Tory Burch (I bought them in the tan color too…shown in an outfit from last week).


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