A little tasty for your Tuesday

I haven’t posted a recipe in a hot minute, and quite frankly, with Blue Apron covering most of our dinners these days, I don’t test out my own recipes much at all anymore.  I guess I could start posting some of our favorite Blue Apron meals, but it would be hard to provide measurements because everything comes pre-measured.  I can’t exactly say, “Now add the small baggie of flour and then the little bottle of balsamic vinegar….”  Not to mention that Blue Apron meals usually involve some odd-ball ingredients that probably aren’t readily available in most supermarkets.

Now, as for what I’ve been making with my Vitamix, I could go on and on. I  use that thing just about everyday whether it be for juice, smoothies, or my latest obsession, banana soft serve “ice cream.”  I came across this recipe on Pinterest (where else) and decided to try it out.  Given my equal love for ice cream and fitting in my pants, I figured if I could find a lower calorie substitute for ice cream that tasted good, it would be a revelation.  Now, the texture and consistency of this “ice cream” is more like soft serve, but I prefer soft serve to hand-scooped ice cream anyways, so I don’t have a problem with that.  Others may.  Y’all, this is so easy a toddler could do it.  It does take a little prep.  At least a few hours before you want to make your ice cream, take a couple of bananas, peel and slice them, and then place the slices in a Ziploc bag and freeze until frozen solid.  I usually keep a gallon sized Ziploc full of frozen banana slices in the freezer because they are great to have on hand for smoothies and baked goods.  When you get a hankering for ice cream, take out some of your frozen banana slices (enough to equal about 2 bananas), place in the Vitamix (or other high powered food processor or blender), add a couple splashes of your milk of choice (I use cashew milk) and any other add-ins (my favorite combo is peanut butter and chocolate).  Pulse for a few seconds and then gradually turn the speed up.  Blend just until you get a smooth consistency…not too long or it will become more like a smoothie.  Scrape down the sides of the blender with a spatula as needed.  Scoop into a dish and top accordingly.  So good!  For the one pictured below I used 2 bananas, a scoop of PB2 powder (peanut butter in powder form) and 2 frozen mini Reese cups, and then topped with a few mini chocolate chips.  For the one below that I used 2 bananas, a few frozen strawberries, a dash of vanilla extract and a dash of almond extract.  Seriously, just search “frozen banana soft serve” on Pinterest and all kinds of combinations will pop up!


Switching gears to a cocktail recipe!  I’m more of a wine drinker and not normally  one to make actual cocktails at home (I had to go buy a bottle of rum for this), but for some reason I’ve had vacation on my mind and have been wanting a pineapple mojito from our favorite Seaside restaurant.  I found an easy recipe on Pinterest and I have to say it came out pretty good.  Place 5-6 mint leaves in the bottom of a tall glass with 1 Tb. of sugar (I used stevia) and 1 Tb. pineapple juice (or water would work fine) and muddle for about a minute until the sugar dissolves.  Add a few chunks of fresh pineapple and muddle, muddle.  Add 1.5 ounces of good quality white rum and stir.  Then add lots of ice and top with club soda to fill your glass.  Garnish with a slice of pineapple and lime wedge.  Cheers!


Not a recipe, but this is seriously the best store bought salsa I have ever had.  A friend posted a picture of it on Facebook stating how good it was, so I picked some up from Publix the other day and it’s almost gone.  Matt and I can’t stay out of it.  Tastes homemade and fresh and is just awesome.  I found it in the deli section.


And finally, although this is a more of a “I think you should know about it” tip, but Walmart Marketplace (the ONLY Walmart I will go to because it’s smaller and way less stressful, and usually cleaner) have these pizza stations, usually near the bakery or deli, where you can build your own pizza and then take it home and bake it.  We were on our way home the other day and although we knew we had Blue Apron, we just didn’t feel like cooking and were discussing ordering a pizza.  We stopped by Walmart Marketplace for some bananas (I told you we were obsessed with the banana soft serve!) and I just happened to see this pizza station.  The dough is already rolled out and you just tell them what toppings you want and they put it all together and package it up for you.  It almost looked like a Subway with the various toppings lined up in front of you behind glass.  We went with a basic margherita style and the tomatoes were so fresh and bright red and they used fresh basil leaves and even fresh mozzarella.  I was super impressed.  Go Walmart!  It took all of 5 minutes for them to put it together and package it.  We got home, popped it in the oven and within 15 minutes had fresh pizza.  It was delicious!  Not sure if all Marketplace’s have this, but the lady at ours thought the newer ones did.

That’s all I got!  Happy Tuesday folks!


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