Thankful Thursday

*A weekend away with my #1 guy! We are headed to Birmingham tomorrow to attend the Outcry concert, sleep in, visit our dear friends, sleep in, have some much needed one-on-one time, and…did I mention sleep in?  Seriously though, three mornings without a toddler alarm is going to be ahhhh-mazing.  Bring on the room service!

*Grandparents that are willing to keep the aforementioned toddler alarm. Asher Wade is currently I route to go stay with Nanny and Paw-Paw in Kentucky.  Rumor has it there may be an early birthday celebration involving a Paw Patrol cake:-)

*Mark-downs on my favorite summer shorts. The J.Crew chino shorts are my jam and I pretty much live in them on the weekends over the summer.  I recently scored several pairs in fun colors and prints for super low prices.  Gotta love that!

*My Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. Y’all, sleep has been hard to come by lately.  I can’t blame it all on the toddler alarm, because he’s actually a pretty good sleeper.  I just haven’t been sleeping well for some reason.  Besides feeling totally exhausted in the mornings, I look pretty tired as well.  This stuff has been my golden ticket for helping me not look like death warmed over.  Combined with my NARS bronzer in “Laguna” I can actually face the public.

*Having a Dunkin’ Donuts two minutes from our house. Because sometimes waiting till I get to the cafeteria at work before having my morning cup o’ joe is just not soon enough.

*The fact that in two weeks from today, around this time actually, we will be heading to Atlanta, which means one thing….VACATION IS IMMINENT! We are flying from Atlanta to Sarasota for a few days and then heading out on our Disney extravaganza.  When we booked this trip it seemed like it was forever away, but the countdown is on now.


So now the question – What are you thankful for today?

Happy almost weekend!!


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