Weekend Rewind {OUTCRY Tour}

As I mentioned in prior posts, Matt and I had a much needed weekend away from parenting responsibilities (although is that ever really the case??) and spent a couple of days in Birmingham.  The main reason we went was to attend the B’ham stop for the OUTCRY tour, but we also took the opportunity to see some of our dearly missed friends.  We are quickly learning that a couple of days in our old hometown is not long enough to actually see everyone we’d like to, and unfortunately there were many necks I didn’t get to hug, but we still saw quite a few friends.  It’s hard to squeeze a lot in to less than 48 hours, but we did our best.  It’s hard to believe we’ve been gone for 6 months now…

When we got in on Friday we relaxed for a little bit and watched the Master’s, and maaaaaybe visited the hotel bar for a glass of vino, because vacation, duh.  We didn’t have much time for relaxing though because we had plans to start meeting people downstairs at the restaurant at 4.  We caught up for a couple of hours and then walked over to the venue for the concert.  Lineup was Elevation Worship, Kari Jobe, Jesus Culture and Hillsong, and oh.my.gosh. it was AMAZING.  One of the best experiences to hear these people live.  Obviously Hillsong was unbelievable, but the other artists really brought the house down as well.  We even got to hear Brian Houston preach (Hillsong Church’s lead pastor), which was awesome.  If you ever get the opportunity to see Hillsong live, DO IT.  All in all it was an amazing night with wonderful friends.


Saturday we got up (much earlier than we would have liked thanks to our internal alarm clocks) and headed out for a run on one of our favorite Birmingham trails, followed my coffee and bagels at another favorite spot.  We shopped a little at the Summit and then headed back to the hotel restaurant to hang out with friends and watch the Master’s.  That night we finally got our hands on our friends’ new baby boy and then had a fun parent’s night out at a new restaurant.


Rest assured that Asher Wade was having some fun of his own, as evidenced by all the pictures we got.  Time on the farm, playing with cousins AND an early birthday celebration.



Sunday morning came bright and early since we had to drive to Nashville to meet Matt’s parents to collect our kid.  Not gonna lie, as nice as it was to get away, I was so happy to kiss those cheeks.  Matt and I love having time to ourselves, but we always love to put our family unit back together again.  #toddlerAW wasted no time letting us know what we had missed.  A nightmare, complaints that his “toe was hurting”(seriously….), a change of pajamas, and multiple wake-up’s during the night that ultimately ended with me in the bed with him, quickly brought us down from cloud nine.  Ah, the joys of parenthood;)


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