Toddler Tuesday (and a little about Matt)

Since Matt was in Birmingham attending a men’s conference at our old church, #toddlerAW and I had lots of mommy and son time over the weekend.  This usually involves visits to our favorite ice cream shop, long walks along the river, and trips to Target, which is exactly what we did.  AW also got a much needed (as evidenced by the shaggy pics below) haircut.  I always enjoy getting some one-on-one time with my little man, but I’m always really happy when Matt comes home.  Just a few pictures from the past weekend, which was incredibly beautiful by the way…



And hopefully Matt doesn’t care that I posted these on here, but I just think it’s an awesome thing that he did and I want to brag on him a bit…


Matt and I were both raised in church and have been Christians for a long time, but Matt has mentioned on several occasions over the last few years that he felt the urge to get baptized again, now that he was mature enough in his faith to really understand what it means.  While attending the conference this past weekend he had the opportunity, along with hundreds of other men, to get baptized.  Like, full fledged, under the water, old school baptized!  Two of his closest friends were there to witness it and cheer him on, which I think was so cool.  I was so glad they got these pictures so I could see:-)


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