Friday Faves (and a few outfits)

*I recently purchased this new devotional by one of my favorite Christian authors – Karen Ehman (her book Let it Go is another great read). For the first time ever I bought my devotional electronically and have been reading it through the Kindle app on my phone.  I have always bought actual paper books for my devotionals, but that limited me to when I could read.  By having it on my phone, I have no excuse not to find 5 minutes for my quiet time.  I really love this devotional, as it speaks to me as a mother, wife and woman in general.  Every devotion has resonated with me.  I highly recommend checking it out.  A few excerpts below…


*Lately I’ve read several articles about how daily intake of coconut oil can help reduce belly flab. Then the other day Bob Harper was on the Rachel Ray show also discussing the benefits of taking coconut oil and he suggested putting it in your coffee every morning.  I’ve been doing this and, wow, mind blown.  It’s delicious in my daily cup o’ joe!  Who knew?!  I’ve been adding 1-2 teaspoons of organic coconut oil straight from the jar to my coffee, and I recently ordered these.

*My snack drawer at work has been on point lately. Here are my favorite high protein snacks. My love for Quest Bars has been discussed before, but with the addition of the Quest Protein Chips and Lenny and Larry Complete Cookie, I have no excuse to go hungry, or visit the vending machine.  I found all of these at GNC.

*These will be making an appearance in the majority of our vacation photos, or probably most of our summer photos for that matter, but I am so happy that 1995 called and decided they did NOT want their Birkenstocks back. Birks have been popping up all over the place and I picked these lovelies up last month, and have been wearing them nonstop ever since.  I’m so ticked I sold all of my Birks in a garage sale before moving to Birmingham nine years ago…I had quite the collection.  I love my new white patent ones with the gold accents.  They are limited edition and hard to find, but I got these off Zappos.

*Can we just take a moment of silence for the awesomeness that is pineapple whip float from Disney World? I’m still thinking of this from last weekend and would kill for another one right this very moment.  This stuff is the best ever and I must figure out how to make it at home with the Vitamix.

 Just a few outfit pics from this week, most of which were not really Pinterest inspired, but rather just what I felt like wearing.


Red and white striped shirt is J.Crew Outlet.  White jeans are Vineyard Vines.  Can’t see them, but I’m totally rocking my white Birkenstocks.  Necklace is from LOFT.  Crossbody purse is Tory Burch.


This one actually was Pinterest inspired, although it’s from a couple weeks ago (hence the long hair). Skirt is Crown and Ivy from Belk.  Button down is Banana Republic.  Tan wedges are Tory Burch.


Dress is Old Navy. Cardigan is from JC Penney.  Wedge sandals are TOMS.


Still in cruise mode obviously;) Maxi dress is Michael Kors from Belk and I’m just wearing a white Genie Bra underneath since the dress is a little low cut.  Can’t see my shoes, but they are white leather wedges by Born from Belk.


Cream tunic (longer in the back and covers my bum) is Banana Republic. Navy leggings are Crown and Ivy from Belk.  Snakeskin wedges are Born from Belk.  Bracelets were gifts.

Happy Friday, y’all!  Get out and enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend…at least if you live anywhere near Tennessee:-)


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