Mother’s Day 2016 (and other weekend shenanigans)

Ah, what a beautiful weekend!  I was sad to see it come to an end.  We don’t always get such gorgeous, perfect weather on Mother’s Day, but we were certainly blessed with it this year.  We had such a fun weekend and spent a lot of it outdoors.  We started off Friday night with an event hosted by our church called Shine.  Basically we throw a prom for those in our community that have special needs, including their families and caregivers.  We ended up with over 500 guests!  This was our first year to be involved with this annual event and it will definitely not be our last.  Besides having so much fun with all of the guests, it was incredibly uplifting and good for the soul.  So many sweet spirits in attendance and I loved getting to meet them all.  The theme was “A Night Under the Big Top” so we decorated everything to look like a circus.  It looked awesome!  To go along with the theme we had an area of carnival type games, and Matt, being the good sport that he is, volunteered to be in the dunk tank, which was probably one of the most visited games of the night.  All in all it was just a great event and we were so blessed to be a part of it.

Saturday was Asher Wade’s last soccer practice of the season.  We’ve had to miss a lot of Saturdays due to travel, but thankfully we were able to make the last one.  This has been a fun activity for AW and although he still has a lot to learn, I think he made some progress throughout the season.  He definitely has the dribbling and shooting part down…the problem is that that’s all he wants to do the whole time;)  Seriously though, there’s not much funnier than a group of two and three year olds playing soccer.

Sunday morning I was surprised with breakfast in bed (which ultimately ended up in the kitchen to avoid a potential syrup-in-the-bed disaster with #toddlerAW) and then a couple of beautiful cards, my favorite protein bars and cookies, and a Fitbit Blaze.  My boys know me well:-)  After church we changed clothes and headed up to Lookout Mountain for a little hike and to check out Lula Lake Falls.  I’ve been wanting to visit Lula Lake since we moved to Chattanooga, but since it’s only open one weekend per month and we’ve always had other things going on, this was the first chance we got to go.  It was seriously so beautiful.  Just so natural and peaceful and definitely one of the gems of our city.  I’m constantly amazed at all the beautiful places we continue to discover since moving here.

After a picnic at the foot of the falls, we packed up and headed home, stopping for ice cream of course;)  Matt cooked one of our Blue Apron meals that night and we opened a bottle of wine and toasted to another successful Mother’s Day…my fourth one!  Each year gets better and better and I am truly so thankful that God chose me to be the mother of such a precious little boy, and the wife of such a sweet husband.  My boys certainly know how to make a lady feel special.  I definitely felt it yesterday.  Although I always feel so much joy and happiness on Mother’s Day, I also can’t help but notice a quiet sadness deep in my heart as I think of the mothers out there that have lost a child, or that are longing for a child, or the child that is grieving the loss of their mother.  Like many holidays, this is one of those days that can often bring up a lot of sadness and darkness for some.  It can also bring up hope too, though.  It’s also a reminder there are so many different ways to be a mother, and ALL mothers should be celebrated.  So, whether you are a birth mom, an adoptive mom, a fur baby mom, a grieving mom, a longing mom, or simply a mom at heart, Happy Mother’s Day!  Moms rock!


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