Disney Trip {Take 2}

These pictures are from day 2 and the first part of day 3, including our stop at Castaway Cay, a/k/a heaven on Earth.  Day 2 was the Nassau stop, but we decided not to get off the ship.  I’ve been to Nassau a few times and wasn’t all that impressed.  It’s not really toddler friendly, not to mention that there have been issues with theft and assault, particularly regarding tourists, so we decided to just hang on the ship.  This worked out well because the ship was a lot less crowded.  We spent the majority of the day at the pool.  I loved the setup because there was this huge projection screen overlooking the main pool and they showed Disney movies throughout the day/night.  When you needed a break from swimming, you could grab a snack, spread out on the lounge chairs and watch a movie right next to the pool.  We did this a lot and AW loved it.  AW was also a huge fan of the slide.  They had two large slides on board, although he was a couple inches too short for the biggest one.  He loved the smaller one though and I can’t even count how many times he went down it that day.  After the pool, a dance party with Jake and Sophia, Matt and I got to sneak away for a little couple’s massage that afternoon.  Dinner that night was one of my favorites….the projection screens throughout the restaurant were interactive and you could talk to the characters from Finding Nemo.

Day 3 was our stop at Castaway Cay, which is Disney’s private island.  Oh my gosh, this place was gorgeous.  Prettiest water I have seen.  In true Disney fashion, the island was pristine and so clean and there were plenty of options for food and drink.  This was probably our favorite activity of the cruise.  That island was just amazing and we had the best time.  We spent all morning there and then around lunch time we took AW back on the ship to the kid’s club and Matt and I went back to the island for some adult time:-)

It was basically just the best day:)


3 thoughts on “Disney Trip {Take 2}

  1. We just booked our first disney cruise for Next February! I am so happy to see you writing about it. Of course, I’m already obsessed with looking at tips regarding the cruise, and yours are great! Also, love love love that white dress! Where did you get it!?


    • Thanks, Nicky! Y’all will have the best time! I will be posting more tips and tricks later this week, so stay tuned for that:-) I, for the life of me, cannot remember the name of that online boutique where I got that dress. I just remember it was an online store, possibly in the UK, and it was super inexpensive. I’m going to keep racking my brain and will let you know if I remember.

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