Disney Trip {Take 3 – Pirate Night}

After we departed Castaway Cay, the ship went into full pirate mode!  This night was so much fun!  They spared no expense or detail and really went all out as far as entertainment.  Thankfully our sweet friends, the Hands, had gone on this same cruise a few months prior, so they gave us the heads up about dressing the pirate part.  My friend, Ashley, made me this adorable Pirate Mickey tanktop that was perfect for this night.  Honestly though, we were pretty underdressed…people went all out for this event!  I’m talking families in full-on pirate costumes.  This does lead me to a funny story.  You’ve probably heard of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Magic Kingdom where little girls can get done up like a Disney princess.  On the ship they had the same thing, but they also had the Pirate’s League where the kiddos can get done up like a legit pirate….makeup, costume, hair, props, the works.  Being the fun mom that I am, I made a reservation for Asher Wade back when I booked the cruise, for this night in particular, thinking he would totally love it since he’s into pirates and all.  We get to the boutique and check-in for his appointment and I’m already second guessing because let me tell you…he was in a MOOD.  He did pick out his costume and makeup design (Captain Hook) and made it to the chair, but then it went downhill fast.  He.lost.his.mind.  Crying ugly tears, wouldn’t let the lady touch him, wouldn’t sit in the chair, just flat out wouldn’t.  So, $$$ down the drain and that was that.  We left with a half drawn on mustache, a sword (he did like that part) and a gold hoop earring and eye patch in my purse.  He let me take a couple pictures with his sad little mustache and eye patch and then the devil entered again and he lost his mind, laid in the middle of the hallway and cried until all traces of the black eyeliner were washed away.  Toddlers.  I can’t even sometimes.


Once we had some time-out back in the room and got our shiz back together, we headed back out and ultimately had the best night.  Asher Wade really got into the pirate spirit (just don’t come near him with black eyeliner) and loved play fighting with his sword, the Pirates of the Caribbean show and fireworks.  He also got to meet several characters that night.  This was a late night for us….I don’t think we went to bed till midnight!





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