My new business venture {Rodan + Fields}

Since I obviously don’t have enough stuff on my plate right now (hardy-har-har), I decided I should venture into the world of small business and become a Rodan + Fields consultant.  I mean, what would I be if I wasn’t spread as thin as a Swedish pancake;)  In all seriousness though, this has been on my mind for awhile now, but especially as I kept finding myself telling co-workers about it after repeatedly being asked how I get away with wearing little to no make-up.  I was basically selling the products without getting the benefit.  I decided that needed to change.

I haven’t mentioned much about my use of R+F because to be honest, I’m hesitant to recommend something that pricey until I’ve decided for myself that I truly believe in it enough to tell other people to buy it. Y’all, I am dead serious when I tell you that it has completely changed my skin in the 6 months I have consistently used the products.  I would not be spending the little bit of free time I have promoting something that I didn’t believe in.  I am also dead serious when I tell you that I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars every year on skincare products, both drugstore and high-end, and yet never achieved the results the labels promised.  If you have been reading this blog for a little bit now, you know I am somewhat of a product junkie and was always buying the latest and greatest skincare products.  I’m a VIB Rouge member at Sephora ten times over…I should have stock in that place.  That is, at least until a few months ago.  Now I get emails from Sephora on a regular basis saying “We’ve missed you!” and “Here’s a coupon for you to come visit!” or the latest, “Come shop now or you will lose your VIB Rouge status!”  Too bad so sad Sephora.  I love you, but I just don’t have a need to spend my dollars in your lovely store.  Not even joking.  I go in there to buy my favorite lip gloss, eye liner and mascara and  Now I get my little skincare regimen delivered in the mail, every few months, and it’s all I use.  Literally, I have no need or desire to buy anything else.  These products are all I need and they are hands down the best products I’ve ever used.  Most importantly, they are the only products I’ve used that have actually delivered the results promised.  Oh, and I hardly buy or wear any makeup now because my skin looks good on its own.

So that’s my pitch, and it’s probably the only one you will ever get, because again, I’m a crappy saleslady, and I’d rather use social media to post pictures of my ridiculously cute kid than push this side business.  I’m kind of like the evangelist of Rodan + Fields…I’m just trying to spread the good word;)  I decided to sell these products because (1) they actually made a difference in my skin, (2) I want the other ladies in my life to finally feel good about their skin too, (3) if I am going to keep referring people to the brand, I might as well get in on the business side of it, and (4) they work.  That is all.
Below is the link to my little business website where you can go and browse the products and make a purchase if you so choose, and the second link is for the nifty “Solutions Tool” where you answer some questions to see what products would be best for you.  Just for some reference, I started with the Reverse line, which cleared up ALL of my age spots and melasma (thanks, pregnancy) and then I switched over to the Redefine line to combat lines and wrinkles and general dullness.  Right now I am back on the Reverse line since I find myself in the sun a lot more.  Oh, and I never leave home without the Multi Function Eye Cream.  Hands down best eye cream I have ever used, and I’ve used a lot of them.  They can hardly keep this stuff in stock – it sells out so fast.  The website and Solutions Tool are great, and I am also happy to answer any specific questions.  Or if you just want to move on, that’s fine too:-)  In all seriousness though, if you are a skeptic like I was for so long, or if you would like to learn more about the products, I’m more than happy to share my insight and personal results.  Just let me know!  Oh, and please feel free to pass this along to any friends, family members or co-workers that you think may be interested!
My R+F website:
Solutions Tool:

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