Toddler Tuesday and Weekend Shenanigans

Well, I often brag about how we seem to have bypassed the so called “terrible two’s” and I just assumed we got lucky with a little boy that doesn’t throw tantrums and is generally pretty even keel.  Now I am here to tell you the very hard and often undisclosed truth…it’s really the “terrible three’s” you should be wary of.  Case in point…


This was at Panera the other day. Matt was attending a parent seminar at AW’s new school and I walked AW to Panera while we waited for Matt to join us. I literally had to text Matt with SOS and ask him to come rescue me ASAP. Asher Wade turned three and apparently this is when toddlers start to experience what I can only assume is some sort of bipolar, PMS, Tourette’s combination. Basically you cry for no reason, are extremely sensitive, act a fool and have random outbursts at very inopportune times, in the presence of the general public, and usually at times when I’m already on the verge of losing it as it is. This has happened almost daily for the last week.  It’s like a switch just flips and BAM, mind lost.

Then you have sweet moments like these..

I guess I’m just calling this a phase and moving along.

We also did some serious flower planting over the weekend.

I’m pretty proud of our pretty flowers.  I’m keeping watch over them as though they were newborn puppies and so paranoid something is going to happen and they will die.  I mean, I don’t exactly have a green thumb – I’ve never planted anything in my life – but I’m hopeful they will last.  Our front porch looks so pretty!


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