Disney Trip {Take 7-Professional Pics}

I had forgotten I had these professional pics, and since they are the ONLY ones taken from a legit camera and not my iPhone, I figured I might as well post them.  There were tons of pictures taken by the professional photographers throughout the cruise, but I only chose to buy a pack of ten because they are really over priced IMHO. Looking back, I’m not sure that I would pay for them again, and probably won’t worry about it next time, but then again, they are cute;)

 DDR_547_11375622_670250 DDR_547_11388805_470300 DDR_547_11494750_470100 DDR_547_11529874_471745 DDR_547_11553023_672257 DDR_547_11556747_517596 DDR_547_11556750_517596 DDR_547_11561078_672549 DDR_547_11561079_672549 DDR_547_11567244_672547


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