Motivation Monday

Barely getting this post up before the night is over! We’ve been at the beach since Thursday, which means I definitely had to shake up my workouts a little and take most of them outside. Seaside does have a nice gym, and we utilized it for a couple strength training sessions, but honestly, when this is your view, why would you even want to work out inside?

 This trip was just me and Matt (thank you Gigi and Pop-Pop for holding down the fort and a certain crazy 3 year old!), so we had a lot of freedom to work out when we wanted and for as long as we wanted. Two bikes came with our bungalow rental, so we took advantage of that and rode all over the place.  We went on several runs and also did some Tabata style workouts in the gym.  I also took several long walks along the shore. Heaven.

 I took it relatively easy the first part of the week because like I mentioned last week, I was coming off a cold. I should also mention that I did a juice cleanse Monday-Wednesday of last week!  You may recall that this was one of my 2016 goals, to do a juice cleanse, so I am pretty happy to check this one off.  I didn’t so much enjoy it, lol, but I’m glad I did it.  If anything, I proved to myself that I can, in fact, kick some bad habits to the curve.  I’m looking at you caffeine and sugar.  Not going to lie though, I did have a cup of coffee on Wednesday morning and it was ahh-mazing.  Definitely not giving up my morning cup of coffee.  I also relaxed a little on Wednesday and ate some whole fruit.  By mid-day Wednesday, I could barely swallow a sip of juice without gagging.  I do think the cleanse helped kick off some healthier habits and helped me to lessen my sugar addiction.  Hoping it will set me off on a cleaner eating path now.  I have noticed that I’ve been much more mindful the past several days, even while on vacation.  I also dropped 5 pounds, which I realize was probably a lot of water weight, but again, I feel like it pushed me in the right direction and gave me some motivation to keep going.  If you need a little kick in the butt to make some changes, I do think a short cleanse is a good option.  Juicing is a little more interesting than, say, that lemonade cayenne concoction.  My juices were primarily veggie based, so not too sweet, which was a little more challenging.  The juice bar I ordered the cleanse from said this was basically “level 2” and is a little more challenging, but also more effective, than “level 1” which is more fruit based (a/k/a sweeter). I also had to drink chlorophyll water every day, which made me want to barf, but I pushed through, and I’m proud of myself.

 Stats from the last week…

 Monday 5/23: Day 1 of cleanse and still recovering from cold, so I took it easy and walked outside along the river for 1 hour

Tuesday 5/24: Day 2 of cleanse, so still took it easy and walked around downtown for 45 minutes

Wednesday 5/25: Day 3 of cleanse, and while I had more energy today, I still didn’t want to burn a bunch of calories, so only did a yoga class at lunch. However, that night Matt and I ended up doing a killer Tabata style work out. I will post some of our Tabata routines in a later post…if you want a really kick butt work out;)

Thursday 5/26: 30 minute walk along the beach, 40 minute bike ride, and a 45 minute full body strength training session with some Tabata style cardio intervals thrown in

Friday 5/27: 30 minute walk along the beach, 45 minute walk/jog around Seaside

Saturday 5/28: 45 minute bike ride, 30 minute walk along the beach

Sunday 5/29: 40 minute bike ride, 15 minutes incline walking on the treadmill (4.0 mph at a 10% incline) and 40 minute full body strength training session with some Tabata style cardio intervals thrown in, plus several random strolls around Seaside throughout the day (I hit 20,000 steps on my Fitbit today!)

The couple that sweats together…:-)

I was SO excited to find the Birthday Cake flavor at a local coffee shop on the beach! YUM!


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