Motivation Monday

Happy Monday! I am so sore this morning and literally just wanted to stay in bed. I hadn’t been to Orangetheory in a couple of weeks, and I went Saturday morning, and oh my word…it was a tough one. Our instructor told us the workout was called “Death by Burpees” so needless to say, it was a lot of burpees. Add in some hill sprints, a lot of rowing, and even more weight exercises, and my arms still feel like putty today. I can’t even straighten them out all the way, and it’s been 48 hours since my workout. All I did was walk around the neighborhood yesterday, and I was hoping to get in a good full-body workout today, but now I’m not so sure. It may end up being a cardio only day.

 I had to get a biometric screening and health assessment this morning as part of my health benefits plan. I was pretty pleased with my results. It’s easy to look in the mirror everyday and make determinations about your state of health based on what you see on the outside, but it’s not easy to know what’s going on with your health on the inside. When I look in the mirror I definitely still see flaws, but I also see more firmness and muscle definition that used to not be there, so I know I’m making progress with my diet and exercise. However, it was really encouraging to learn that my HDL (good cholesterol) is up, my LDL (bad cholesterol) is down, along with my overall cholesterol and triglycerides being down, my blood pressure was good, my glucose level was low (even though I forgot I was supposed to fast and had orange juice and coffee this morning), my BMI was at a good level, and my body fat composition had improved, which means I’ve gained more muscle! Yes! It’s so encouraging to see real results like that, and while I tend to focus more on what I see in the mirror, and ultimately pick apart, these health screenings are the things that really determine your state of health.

 Stats from last week:

Monday 3/30: Spent most of the day in the car driving back from Seaside, but I did do a little routine that evening – 1 mile jog followed by a 4 minute Tabata in our driveway, and then repeat all of that 2 more times. It was tough.

Tuesday 3/31: 15 minutes on the treadmill (5.8 mph) and then Matt and I did 30 minutes of Tabata for a full body workout. I ended with a 10 minute incline walk on the treadmill (3.8 mph at a 10% incline). This was a killer workout!

Wednesday 6/1: 15 minutes on the treadmill (5.6 mph) followed by a 45 minute power yoga class.

Thursday 6/2: 45 minute cardio interval class and then 15 minutes on the treadmill (5.8 mph).

Friday 6/3: 1 hour power walk outside along the river.

Saturday 6/4: 55 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Sunday 6/5: 45 minute walk around the neighborhood…slow and steady:-)

 As for diet, Matt and I both did really well this week with our meal prepping. That is key for us. If we prep the night before, we tend to eat much cleaner. I’ve been making a huge pot of breakfast quinoa (lots of variations on Pinterest, but I keep mine pretty simple with quinoa, cashew/coconut milk, chopped apples, maple syrup and a handful of raisins) and dividing it among containers to take for breakfast each morning. To prep our lunches I’ve been buying these chopped salad mixes (found in the produce section of the grocery store, with all the bagged lettuces) and doctoring them up with extra chopped veggies, garbanzo beans or black beans, pine nuts, raisins, tuna, avocado, basically whatever strikes my fancy. I add everything to a Tupperware container and then at lunch I drizzle in some light dressing (oftentimes just olive oil, vinegar and a squeeze of lemon juice) and then shake it all up. Add some fruit on the side and a handful of pretzels or baked chips, and it’s a good lunch. Snacks have consisted of almonds, Quest Bars, apples, granola, and my favorite, a plain rice cake with almond butter and sliced banana. For dinner we’ve been limiting the starches and focusing more on a protein with veggies, maybe some brown rice if we really want the carbs. Breakfast and lunch are relatively easy, but dinner has been a struggle since we’re usually tired when we get home and are so used to mindless snacking. If I’m not careful, I can easily devour 500 calories between when I walk in the door and actually sit down for dinner. I try to remember to eat a Quest Bar around 4 p.m. before leaving the office so I’m not so famished when I get home. It’s a struggle for sure though!


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