Toddler Tuesday

We’ve started summer early around here, although I tend to think of Memorial Day has the official kick-off of the summer season anyways. Our neighborhood pool is officially open for business and we have been spending a lot of evenings there. We are so lucky because we just walk out our back door, through our yard and out the back gate, and we’re at the pool. This was a huge selling point of our lot and home. Basically we have a pool in our backyard, without the responsibility of having a pool in our back yard, ha!



This little boy would stay outside all day if he could


They see me rollin’…


Love these sweet, fleeting moments



Pizza at the pool!


Some serious bed head


Three generations of McWilliams guys:)


So, we are in the midst of potty training. I use this term very loosely because like most aspects of our parenting style, we go with the flow and aren’t exactly hard nosed rule followers. We’re just kind of following his lead, which often means he’s peeing in the front yard;)


I was going through pics from this past weekend and couldn’t believe how old he looks in this one. I swear he’s just growing and changing right before my eyes…


Checking out the boats on the river


Love these boys:-)


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