Update on 2016 Goals

Figured it was high time to check-in and see where I stand on meeting my goals for 2016. I posted them back around the first of the year, and I also saved them in the Notes section of my phone so I could easily access them and hopefully remember to keep myself accountable. This is the first time I have looked at that list since I originally made it. Whoops. However, I was pretty happy to see that I have been checking things off! Still though, there are definitely a few things that need some serious work and I’m going to have to get my butt in gear if I want to accomplish them. Here’s where I stand. Thumbs “up” means I’ve either accomplished it or it’s in progress and should be accomplished. Thumbs “down” means I haven’t taken any steps to accomplish it, or haven’t been diligent enough thus far to ensure it is accomplished by 12/31/16.

 So I guess I’m right on par considering I’ve accomplished half of them and we are just about halfway through the year. Definitely still have some work to do though!

  1. We have definitely been doing a good job of eating less sugar and more whole foods versus packaged foods, particularly as of late. While we are definitely not doing Whole 30, I get a lot of meal and recipe inspiration from blogs and social media accounts dedicated to the Whole 30 plan. Meal prepping has been key. If we prep our meals the night before, and even some on the weekends for the upcoming week, we eat a lot cleaner (and don’t spend money eating out). It’s those times where we haven’t prepped anything that we grab meals on the run, which aren’t always clean. We are eating out less too, which always helps (our waistlines and our budget!). I may try and do a separate post dedicated to the changes we’ve made to our diets, including some tips that have worked for us.
  2. I did a short juice cleanse a couple of weeks ago, and while I would still like to do a longer one at some point this year, I guess I technically met this goal. I did not enjoy it, lol. By the end of the second day I could hardly swallow the juice, which is funny, because normally I love the juices from the local shop I regularly buy them from. Something about having them all day that did me in though. My energy was pretty low during those three days as well and on the second day it took all I had not to climb in bed as soon as I got home from work. I remember feeling like that during the first trimester of my pregnancy. I will say that by the third day I was feeling better, less tired and just generally in a better mood. Still didn’t enjoy it though…
  3. Haven’t committed to Whole 30 yet. I definitely still plan to make this happen before year-end. I don’t eat/drink much dairy, but I do love my carbs and sweets, so this is definitely going to be a challenge when I finally commit to it, which is probably why it hasn’t happened yet;) My other worry is that with me being a vegetarian, I feel like I am going to be even more limited as far as protein goes (beans are not allowed on Whole 30, nor are most meat substitutes since they tend to be processed).
  4. Not doing great with practicing yoga consistently. Well, maybe consistently isn’t the best word, because I do consistently take a yoga class every Wednesday, but I know when I originally added this as a goal, my intention was to do it consistently 2-3 times per week, which isn’t happening. This doesn’t mean I need to go to an actual class, which isn’t exactly convenient, but simply practice at home. I have no excuse not to practice at home a couple times per week, even if just for 20 minutes, so I need to focus on this over these next 6 months.
  5. Haven’t lost 7+ pounds. Not even sure I’ve lost 2, lol. I lost 5 pounds during my juice cleanse, which wasn’t surprising given my limited calorie intake over those 3 days, but I gained them back within a week, so I don’t think that counts. Guess I need to get more dedicated to this goal. Honestly though, I kind of struggle with whether this should even be a goal. While I may not be dropping pounds, I am definitely gaining strength and muscle, and I feel like I am healthier overall. Maybe I should be focusing more on inches lost? Jury is still out on this one.
  6. Nope, not knocked up yet. I could write a whole post on this, but maybe some other time. The short version is that we still aren’t sure if and when we want to add to our family. We are having a very hard time with this decision, and let’s be honest, mama ain’t getting any younger over here! We are just so content and settled right now as a family of three. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love another baby and I honestly can’t imagine not having another, but it all comes down to what makes sense for us, and of course, what God’s plan is for us. I’m praying and listening, but so far I’m not getting any clear answers. More to come on this:-)
  7. We have been cooking dinner at least 3 times per week. It’s the “as a family” part that’s kind of throwing me off. I know where I was going with this…I wanted dinner time to be a family event. While we do usually eat together, more often than not Asher Wade is playing independently (or let’s be real, watching cartoons) while Matt and I cook, or one of us is playing with Asher Wade while the other cooks. AW is not exactly interested in the cooking process yet, which is understandable given his age. Still though, I’m giving a thumbs up on this one because we are cooking at home 3x per week and eating together, which is definitely progress considering how much we ate out last year.
  8. We joined Bridge Christian Church here in Chattanooga. We love our church and truly feel like we have a church family, which was really important to us, especially being in a new town. It’s a very small church considering what we came from back in Birmingham, which has definitely taken some getting used to. However, one of the benefits of this is that we’ve been able to get more involved, meet more people, and build relationships. Besides attending services, we’ve joined a Community Group (just like the small groups we had back in B’ham) and we volunteer in the kid’s ministry and the youth group, and various other church sponsored events. It’s been really great for our family and for our individual walks and I’m so thankful we found a church that encourages us to grow in our faith.
  9. Definitely haven’t reached our $10K goal yet yet, but still working towards it…
  10. Done! Disney cruise was a success!

 Did you make any 2016 goals? How are you coming along??


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