Friday Faves

Happy Friday, y’all!  Friday got here quick this week, and I for one am not complaining.  It seems like I have had a lot of short weeks lately because I’ve taken off Friday’s and Monday’s here and there.  I wish I could permanently have a 4-day work week.  amIright??

 We don’t have much going on this weekend other than a church dinner tonight and date night tomorrow night (not sure what we are doing yet), and then the usual stuff…working out, running errands, church, and lots of pool time, hopefully. I need to re-pot some flowers and do some closet organization.  Gosh, that sounds so lame to type out, lol.  I’m old.  Anyone doing anything fun this weekend??

 Some faves as of late, starting with some snack finds…


This granola is so yummy. Not just this flavor in particular, but all of them (there are probably around 10 different ones, at least in our Target).  It has much less sugar than most granolas, and I like the simpler ingredient list.  It’s very filling too.  Good mixed into yogurt, cottage cheese, oatmeal, or on its own.  Target seems to have the best selection.


Also found at Target are these YumButter almond butter packs. We’ve also bought the peanut butter one, but I prefer almond butter.  Really tasty and higher in protein than other almond butters, thanks to the addition of chia seeds.  I’ve been spreading this on a plain ricecake and topping with sliced banana for a filling afternoon snack.




My love for Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookie has been mentioned on here before (including the newer Birthday Cake flavor), but these are the latest 2 oz servings! The cookies are usually packaged as a 4 oz serving and are huge, so I would only eat half.  They obviously got smart and decided to start packaging a more snack appropriate portion.  I found a box of these at our local Vitamin Shop.


Been jazzing up my lunch time salads with these lately. Such a quick way to add some protein.  I’ve liked most of the flavors, but Ranch is probably my favorite.  No matter what I add to my salad, this flavor always seems to complement.


I posted a picture of me in this dress a couple weeks ago, but I didn’t point out the actual dress, which I love! Very lightweight and comfy…perfect for hot summer days.  It’s Lily Pulitzer, but I can’t find the exact style on their website anymore!  Did they discontinue it?!  The closest I could find is the “Windsor” but it’s strapless (still very cute though).


Just because this kid is so dang cute and funny…


Watching his favorite show, PJ Masks, while dressed as his favorite character from the show, Cat Boy. Just as the show was coming on the other day he exclaimed that he would be right back, and then 30 seconds later he came down the stairs with his costume.

Have a great weekend!  Hope you are doing some more exciting than potting plants and cleaning out closets;)


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