Toddler Tuesday {Toddler Bowling}

We made plans with some friends to go bowling after church on Sunday. I honestly went along thinking we’d go to lunch with everyone and then maybe hang out at the bowling alley for 10 minutes or so and then scoot, assuming Asher Wade would not be in to, or really understand, the concept of bowling.  I really should just stop having any sort of preconceived notions when it comes to this kid because I always assume the exact opposite.  Needless to say, he loved bowling, and was actually pretty good at it.  Granted there were bumpers and that little ramp thing that the kiddos can use to push their ball down the lane, but still, he totally got the concept and would get very excited when those pins fell down.

 Bowling is one of those things that I always forget how much I enjoy.  I’m not really any good (although I did roll a few strikes!), but it’s fun and active, and it’s always a good time when you are with friends.  We laughed and laughed, at each other and at our gaggle of kids.  And come one, toddlers in bowling shoes?  Cutest thing ever:-)


Also, we bowled right through nap time, but when we got home and started watching The Good Dinosaur (for 1,247th time), this happened. He rarely falls asleep in my lap anymore, and although I had to pee something fierce, I couldn’t help but stay put for a little bit. My sweet baby…




When I finally did slide myself out from under him so I could head out for a walk, Matt went in to check on him 10 minutes later and found this…




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