Friday Faves

*This new album, Love Remains, by Hillary Scott (of Lady Antebellum) and her family is so great. She took a year off to make a Christian music album and it’s full of some new songs and some older hymns (with a bluegrass twist).  I love every song on it and have had it on repeat.

*Stranger Things on Netflix. You guys.  This show is something else.  Let’s sidestep how awesome the 80’s cinematography, outfits, set design and music are, because they are exactly that…awesome…but the storyline and plot are unlike any other show I’ve watched.  It’s honestly like a cross between ET and The Goonies, which we all know are two of the greatest 80’s movies of all times, but also way scarier (yes, scarier than Sloth, who used to scare the bejeezuz out of me).  It’s totally sci-fi, not at all realistic and you need to go in with an open mind, but I’m telling you, it’s really good.  We finished it in one week (just 8 episodes).  Which has now got us looking for a new show.  Any suggestions??

*Caroline Banks Jewelry. I’ve probably mentioned my sweet friend’s jewelry line before.  She’s local here in Chattanooga, but you can order from her website.  I have several pieces, and love them all.  They are made really well and different from the usual pieces you find in other mainstream stores.  Plus she’s a mom of three littles, running a small business, which I think is awesome.

*I’m trying to get all my wear out of my summer Lily before fall gets here. Even though it will likely still be warm through September, I have this weird thing about wearing “summer clothes” once September 1st rolls around.  I like to pull out my fall outfits, even if that just means fall colors.  For the time being though, I’m loving all my Lily brights!

*On that note…48 days until fall, but who’s counting?!  I do like summer, but man, once August gets here I am itching for some cooler weather and changing leaves. I picked up a few things from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, all of which were definitely fall esque’ and it really got me in the mood.  Then I randomly bought some pumpkin spice flavor K-cups for my Keurig (I know, I know, way too early for this) and it made me all warm and fuzzy inside.  Then I noticed some potted mums at my local market and it was almost too much.  I did refrain myself from buying the mums, but I did not refrain myself from a creating a new board on Pinterest called “Fall porch decorations.”  Because, balance.

*You guys, Matt sent me flowers for completing Whole30. Matt has always been pretty good at surprising me with flowers at work (I absolutely love fresh flowers), but this was particular out of the blue and thoughtful.  Here’s the funny part though…when I opened the card it read “Happy 30th Birthday!  Love, Matt” (my birthday is in December, and I am 34).  I was literally so confused and kept trying to rack my brain to see if it was some sort of inside joke I had forgotten about.  Or I just assumed it was a mistake and I had received someone else’s beautiful flowers.  I called Matt to see if he had sent flowers and after he confirmed that he did, I told him what the card said and with exasperation he informed me that the card was supposed to read, “Happy 30th Day!”  As in, happy completion of Whole30.  We got a laugh out of that, but still, the flowers are beautiful and it was incredibly thoughtful.  This was even after I totally dropped the ball and failed to finish the #loveyourspousechallenge on Facebook, which I had forgotten about until this morning when I saw someone else’s post.  Looks like days 5-7 will all be happening today.

*I had a bagel this morning. I feel like this was my first, true splurge post-Whole30, and it was really good.  I got cream cheese and everything.  It was glorious.  That is all.

 Happy Friday, y’all!


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