Motivation Monday

Another crazy week in the books! This was Asher Wade’s first, full week of preschool and it has taken the full week to finally get in a groove.  For whatever reason, I also felt really unmotivated this week, so I mixed in more Orangetheory than usual.  That always gets me out of my rut since the workout is always different and I have a coach (screaming in my ear) motivating me;)

 Monday 8/8: Randomly went to an early morning Orangetheory Fitness class.  I am NOT an early morning workout person, so this was nothing short of miracle.  Honestly though, once I got there and got moving, it wasn’t half bad.

Tuesday 8/9: 15 minutes on the treadmill (6.0 mph) and a 45 minute “Tight N’ Tone” class (LOTS of push-ups, squats and dead lifts, plus some upper body exercises using free weights and core work)

Wednesday 8/10: REALLY didn’t want to do anything today, but I headed outside and walked for 30 minutes and then followed up with 30 minutes of yoga

Thursday 8/11: Hair appointment at lunch today, so I went down after work and ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes

Friday 8/12: Random again, but did another Orangetheory Fitness session at lunch

Saturday 8/13: 1 hour walk around the neighborhood, with some hill intervals thrown in

Sunday 8/14: Yet another 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness session. Who am I this week?!  I’ll tell you…the girl walking around like a duck because my legs are so flippin’ sore from the amount of squats I’ve done this week.

 Also wanted to share some of my favorite health/nutrition fitness social media accounts. I love following people that are positive and inspirational, but also offer up some good tips, whether they be focused on nutrition, exercise, recipes, body image, or a combination of all of those.  I’ve included their Instagram handlers, although most of them also have blogs, and you can easily find the links by clicking on their Instagram profile.

 Emily Eats Real Food (@emilyeatsrealfood)

Dietitian Deanna (@dietitiandeanna)

Erin Oprea (@erinoprea)…her book “The 4×4 Diet” is awesome as well

Live Whole 365 (@livewhole365)

Yoga Girl (@yoga_girl)

Fit Bottomed Girl (@fitbottomedgirl)

FitFluential (@fitfluential)

Neghar Fonooni (@negharfonooni)

The Leaky Boob, Jessica Martin-Weber (@theleakyboob and @jmartinweber)

Badass Breatsfeeder (@thebadassbreastfeeder)

4th Trimester Body Project(4thtribodies)

Tiff Delancy (@namastetiff)

And just because he’s cute while getting his own exercise on….


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