Friday Faves {Rodan+Fields Love}

I don’t normally post a lot about my Rodan + Fields venture, but I thought for this week’s Friday Faves edition I would post about some of my favorite products! I feel like the question I get the most is around which products I personally use and love, so here’s a good rundown of what’s currently in my medicine cabinet. Plus, a really great corporate incentive is being offered right now (which I’ll provide details on below) AND I am personally offering some August incentives on all new orders. Who doesn’t love some free extras?! Below are my personal favorite products that I am LOVING right now…

*REDEFINE regimen for fine lines, wrinkles, pores, loss of firmness and overall signs of aging. This regimen includes a cleansing mask, toner, sunscreen (for the daytime) and overnight restorative cream (for bedtime). This is my go-to regimen. I have always used this in the evening and I don’t think I have ever skipped a night. I even took it camping with me back in June. You know how those campground bathrooms are, but you better believe that I rolled up in there with my REDEFINE regimen, spread it out on the (very grimy) counter and did my thing.

*REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream for crow’s feet, dark circle and puffiness. Another item I do not leave home without. In fact, I have jars of this all over the place…one at home, one in my office and one in my gym locker. I use it all the time and have NEVER found an eye cream that works better than this one, and believe me, I’ve tried most of the high-end ones.

*REVERSE regimen for brown spots, discoloration and dullness. This regimen includes a face scrub, brightening toner, daily sunscreen and dual-action vitamin C and retinol treatment. This is the regimen I use in the morning. A downside of growing up in sunny southwest Florida is unfortunately a lot of sun damage. Add in pregnancy and general hormonal shifts and I’ve had my share of melasma and discoloration. After trying to cover up brown splotches for years, I finally nipped them in the bud with consistent use of this regimen and threw out my tinted moisturizers and concealers. I’ve continued to use this regimen in the mornings to help combat any future sun damage. Plus I like that the daily sunscreen is SPF 50. I also love using vitamin C in the mornings as I find it really brightens my skin.

*AMP MD “magic” roller.  Cannot.get.enough.of.this.thing.  It exfoliates like nothing else and makes my skin look so smooth and firm, even after just one use.  A lot of people are freaked out by the “needle roller,” but I promise it isn’t as scary as it sounds.  It doesn’t hurt in the slightest bit and is totally non-invasive.  I use this thing all over my face, neck, chest and even my lips.  There’s just nothing like it on the market.

*Night Renewing Serum.  In conjunction with my roller, I love using this serum, that actually comes as part of the package.  It’s super light and immediately makes my skin feel smooth.  The retinol is great for wrinkles.  Honestly, if I don’t do anything else at night, I’ll at least always use this serum.  A lot of power packed into that tiny capsule.

*REDEFINE Eye Cloths.  Kind of random, I know, but I’m sort of obsessed with these things.  Besides removing eye makeup in a jiffy, they pack a punch with peptides right in the cloth, which helps to fight wrinkles and puffiness.  They are a little cooling as well.

*I’d be remised if I didn’t mention my latest obsession…REDEFINE Acute Care, a/k/a Botox in a box. These little patches may look weird, but they provide fast results, but without the need to visit the dermatologist and get some sort of injectable filler. They work while you sleep! Each patch contains hyaluronic acid and peptides that seep into your skin and fill targeted lines wrinkles. They’ve gotten tons of accolades and press (see below).


*AND it just so happens that right now you can get a FREE box of Acute care ($220 value) with the purchase of the REDEFINE Amp it Up Special, which basically includes all of the various REDEFINE products I mentioned above. You end up with $600 of products for less than $300. That’s crazy. I ordered this deal myself.


If you’re reading this and are curious about learning more about the products, feel free to email me, or just browse my website at your convenience….

Happy Friday AND Happy Weekend!!


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