Friday Faves

*So it was 62 degrees when I got up this morning.  Say what?!  I couldn’t believe it when I walked outside and felt the cool air.  It never fails, we always seem to have that first taste of fall on Labor Day weekend.  I took the opportunity to don jeans, a tunic and my favorite TB flats…my staple outfit for the fall…AND have a pumpkin coffee from Dunkin Donuts this morning.  Granted it’s back in the 90s next week, but it looks like we will have cool mornings from here on out, which is always a sign that fall is near.

*Not that it matters to us what the Chattanooga weather is like next week, because we will be in Sarasota all week!  Whoo hoo!  This was kind of a last minute trip, but I’m so glad we decided to take the week off, head down and just relax.  I see lots of beach time and pool time in our very near future…assuming Hurricane Hermine passes through sooner rather than later:/

*A group of friends and I started a monthly book club and our first meeting was this past Monday.  We are reading Lysa TerKeurst’s new book, Uninvited, which I originally did not think I would relate to at all, but the more I read, the more I realize I do.  It’s really thought provoking and makes you dig a little deeper in to what rejection really means and the various forms it can take.  I love this quote from the book, and I love the assurance of knowing that God has set me apart and made me special, and that His plans for me far exceed the plans others may have for me.

*Healthy, homemade’ish cookie alert.  Yes, I call these break-and-bake cookies “homemade.”  It’s about as far as I go with scratch cookies.  Check out the label on these though…whole grain, dairy free, lower sugar, nothing artificial, and really good.  They have a few different flavors, but I love the chunks of dried cranberries in this one.  I found these at Publix.

*I bought this waffle maker off Zulily a couple months back and it has been getting so much use.  It’s stands vertical, which is kind of cool because you pour the batter down this shoot and once it reaches the top you know you’ve added just the right amount.  It makes the most perfect, fluffy Belgian waffles, is non-stick (don’t even need spray) and very user friendly.  It’s a Cuisinart and I’ve seen it on Zulily a couple of times, so keep an eye out.

*You guys.  AW’s school picture.  I die.  This child is never not smiling, so the fact that he looks so serious is in and of itself hilarious.  Add in the big puppy dog eyes and downward glance and it’s just too much.

*On that note, his smile has generally been all kinds of awkward lately.  You may remember the brief period where he had the Chandler Bing smile going on.  We finally seemed to have overcome that phase, but now we have this situation…

*More examples…

*And yet even more.  Fix it Jesus.


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