Friday Faves

Hey there!  I’ve been MIA for a hot second and am now trying to catch up.  Mom and I went to Vegas to celebrate her retirement, and I’ve pretty much been trying to recuperate ever since.  Not that we got all Kardashian like on the trip (we were back in our room by 10 most nights), but it was just an exhausting trip since we were on the go nonstop.  Super fun, but exhausting.  Add in the time change, and man, I pretty much hit a wall yesterday.  I have SO MANY pictures and more details I need to post, so I’ll be getting a recap up on here soon.  Until then….

*Love this new Chobani flavor!  Perfect for fall and it’s just the right amount of sweetness.  I’ve been slicing a honey crisp apple to have alongside it.  I really like dipping the apple slices in the yogurt.

*Continuing with fall goodies…new Lenny and Larry Complete Cookie flavor!  It’s a good one too.

*I ordered this door hanger awhile back and it came in last week.  Isn’t it cute?  The sweetest lady makes all kinds of door hangers (among other home decor items) out of her home in Oklahoma and I definitely see myself ordering some things for the upcoming holidays.  Her Etsy business is called “Bucks for Buckingham” (she originally started to business to help pay off medical bills for her son) or you can follow her on Instagram/Facebook @craftingandcocktails.

*I’ve been wanting to try those lace-up flats I feel like I’ve seen everywhere, but I couldn’t seem to find a pair that looked right on me, or were a nice neutral color.  I finally found some in Vegas and they are exactly what I was looking for.  They are by Vince Camuto (not shocking since I tend to gravitate towards his shoes) and they are SO comfortable and I love the pretty taupe color.

*I celebrated my one year anniversary at Unum on Wednesday, and Matt also sent some beautiful flowers to me at work to mark the occasion.  That also means we’ve been in Chattanooga for a year.  That seems so crazy to me.  I just remember being so terrified of making this move, uprooting Asher Wade, leaving the place we’d loved and called home for 7 years, and starting over in a brand new city.  What a blessing it turned out to be….all the way around.  I still miss our friends, and our church, and some other things about Birmingham, but we’ve made amazing friends here, we love our new church home, and we absolutely LOVE Chattanooga.  Who knew?!

*This guy comes home tomorrow!  Eeeekkkk!  Matt is en-route to northern KY today, staying with his parents tonight, and then picking up Cody tomorrow and coming home.  I am dying from anticipation over here.

Happy Fri-Yay, y’all!  Hope it’s a good one for you:-)


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