Motivation Monday {and my first half marathon!}

This has been the most exhausting and somewhat stressful last seven days.  I literally felt like I was about to hit a wall on Thursday and totally shut down.  It was just something about coming home from a fun, but exhausting Vegas trip, jumping right back into work, home and family responsibilities, plus some other weekday and weekend commitments.  I feel like I’ve been on the verge of getting sick and Asher Wade has had a nasty cold.  My parents were in town visiting, which thankfully means they’ve been able to pitch in with AW and keep him home from school so he could rest, but that also means I’ve been busy entertaining.  I’ve had doctors’ appointments and a hair appointment.  Matt had to drive to northern KY on Friday to pickup our new puppy and come home Saturday.  Then we ran a half marathon on Sunday morning after getting very limited sleep the night before, because, puppy.  I mean, seriously.  I’ve basically been in survival mode, but I’m hoping this week is much calmer.

I completely skipped doing my Motivation Monday post last week since I was out of town, but I will say that I DID work out every single day while on vacation.  Besides hitting up our awesome hotel gym most days, we walked up and down the Vegas strip multiple times and also took a day trip to the Grand Canyon.  It was a good thing I was able to fit in some exercise because I definitely splurged on some food while we were there….the restaurant scene was out of control.  One day I actually hit over 31,000 steps!  

I’ll post more on the Vegas trip, plus a whole lotta pictures, soon.  Here are my stats from this past week…

Monday 8/8: Spent most of the day at the airport, on a long plane ride, and then driving home from Nashville, so I didn’t have time for a legit workout, but I did stroll around the neighborhood that evening while Asher Wade rode his scooter.

Tuesday 8/9: 6 mile run along the river

Wednesday 8/10: Ran 4 progressive miles on the treadmill (increasing my speed each mile)

Thursday 8/11: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Friday 8/12: Ran 3 progressive miles on the treadmill (increasing my speed each mile)

Saturday 8/13: Pretty much a total rest day in preparation for tomorrow

Sunday 8/14: Half marathon day! 13.1 miles…BAM!

The Four Bridges half marathon went awesome!  I went in with relatively low expectations considering that I hadn’t properly trained (my longest run prior to that morning was 8 miles) and I’ve been teetering on the edge of getting a cold.  Then the morning got off to a pretty rough start after we totally overslept the alarm (our sitter had literally been sitting in the driveway and messaging us for almost 30 minutes) and had to throw on some clothes, jump in the car and go to make the 7:30 start time.  I had planned to get up an hour before we had to leave, drink a cup of coffee, eat a little something and just generally have some time to prepare, so I was pretty worried how I would perform on 3 sips of coffee and a couple bites of a protein bar (and let’s be honest, not using the umm-hmm, bathroom).  Apparently I run better under pressure because other than the hectic start, the race itself could not have gone better.  Thankfully I ran with a friend and we chatted the entire 13.1 miles, which made it go by faster and kept my mind off what we were actually doing.  She motivated me and kept me from over thinking everything.  The route was great (minus a few killer climbs), scenery was nice and the weather was perfect.  There was so much energy on the route with crowds scattered all throughout holding signs and cheering us on.  I swear when I crossed that finish line I was so relieved and proud.  The waffles and honey buns at the end were a nice treat too:-)  Overall, it was a great experience and I am SO GLAD I can check this off.

AW got his fitness on this weekend too trying some rock climbing for the first time😃 #fitfam


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