Vegas Trip {Grand Canyon}

I have SO MANY pictures from our Vegas trip, although the majority of them are not technically Vegas, or at least not the Vegas you’re thinking of.  We took a couple day-trips out away from the strip, one being a couple hours away to the Grand Canyon, to see some of the natural beauty in the area.  Nothing about the Vegas Strip was “natural,” but it was still pretty in its own way with all the lights and glitz.  I did enjoy the beautiful hotels and casinos, with all the amazing architecture and design, but the great outdoors is definitely my happy place, and I really enjoyed getting out of the city limits and seeing some amazing sites.  The below pictures are from the Grand Canyon.  I honestly can’t even describe the beauty or magnitude of this place, and there’s no way my iPhone pictures do it justice.  Even the drive-in heading towards the canyon was beautiful with the Joshua trees and canyon in the backdrop (pictures towards the bottom of the collage).  I was completely blown away by the size and the gorgeous colors.  It looked like it went on forever and the sky was the most amazing deep blue.  None of these pictures have filters, and they were all taken with my phone, so that should tell you something.  Definitely worth seeing and I’m so happy we made the trip to this Natural Wonder of the World.


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