Motivation Monday {and weekend shenanigans}

This was kind of an off-week, at least towards the beginning of it, as I was still recovering from the half marathon and trying to give my legs a break.  I am planning to run another half marathon (because apparently I like pain and suffering) in November, so I definitely can’t take a running hiatus or anything.  Ideally I’d like to better my time on this next one, but I haven’t landed on an exact goal yet.  I’m really missing my group exercise classes while training and I’ve had to slow down on my favorite Orangetheory Fitness sessions, but I was able to fit in a couple this week.  I’ve backed down on the weight training a lot, mainly because I just don’t have time, but at least when I can make it to OTF I know I’ll get some good strength training mixed in.

Monday 10/17: Mainly rested my legs considering the half marathon I ran the day before, but I was itching for some activity that evening so I walked around the neighborhood for 30 minutes or so.

Tuesday 10/18: 4 mile jog along the river with my running buddy…it was unseasonably hot today, and we really struggled!

Wednesday 10/19: 15 minutes on the elliptical followed by 2 fast miles on the treadmill and some push-ups

Thursday 10/20: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Friday 10/21: 6 mile jog along the river with my running buddy in MUCH cooler weather

Saturday 10/22: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Sunday 10/23: We were actually in the Atlanta area today (see below) and spent most of the day out and about, but I did take a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood that evening.

On Saturday we drove an hour south to Kennesaw, GA for the Owl-O-Ween Festival, which is basically a hot air balloon festival with a Halloween theme.  It was held at Kennesaw State University, which to our surprise was a super nice university.  I randomly came across this event online and thought it looked really fun, so we decided to make a little overnight trip out of it.  The festival was really nice and well done with tons of stuff for kids and adults alike, but unfortunately the winds were too strong and they couldn’t put the hot air balloons up, which of course was the whole point of the festival.  I’ve never been up in a hot air balloon, so I was really looking forward to that.  Plus, there was supposed to be trick-or-treating from balloon to balloon, which wasn’t able to happen either.  So that was a bummer.  Not to mention that Asher Wade was kind of sick and probably shouldn’t have been outside anyways.  We only stayed at the festival for a couple of hours and were back in our hotel early enough to treat ourselves to dinner at Ruth Chris.  Since we were puppy free that night we had big plans to get a full, uninterrupted night of sleep, but then AW was up on and off throughout the night coughing, so that didn’t exactly happen.  So yeah, now that I think about it, the whole weekend didn’t really go as planned, lol.  We still had fun though, and as anyone that has a young child knows, you win some you lose some when it comes to making plans.  The next morning we got up, ate breakfast and headed out to a nearby outlet mall, which turned out to be really nice.  We got AW all fixed up for fall/winter, and I even scored two pairs of my favorite running shoes for the price of one!  All in all it was a successful shopping trip, so there’s the silver lining:-)

My child insisted on this cheap Dory costume and I decided this was a battle I didn’t have it in me to fight…

We found these PJ Masks at the toy store and AW thought they were pretty much the best thing ever. He LOVES this show!


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