Vegas Trip {Miscellaneous}

The last bit of pictures from our Vegas trip our below. These are just some random shots I took around the strip and at our various show outings.  We saw Michael Jackson ONE and Cirque du Soleil “O” and both were fabulous!  ONE was so entertaining…they played all of M.J.’s popular songs and the performers/acrobats were awesome. I tend to be ready for shows to be over at the 1.5 hour mark, but I honestly could have watched this for at least another couple of hours. I loved all of the choreography and special effects. At one point there was a hologram of M.J. on the stage and you would swear it was really him dancing and singing up there. “O” was also incredible, but more in the “How in the heck do they do that?!” sort of way. The stunts those acrobats do are so risky, but they make it look so easy graceful. I actually found myself gripping my seat and hiding my eyes because I was just convinced they were going to fall. Everything was perfectly orchestrated though and the talent really was unbelievable. This is the show that is done over water, which added another sense of wonder to it. I honestly walked out of that theater like, “What just happened?!” It was all so crazy and surreal and awesome. Highly, highly recommend both of these shows if you are ever in Vegas.

We stayed at the Aria Resort and Casino after getting several recommendations from people, and it did not disappoint.  This resort was enormous, and somewhat overwhelming. You could probably go to Vegas, stay here, and never have to leave the resort…there was so much to do there alone. Countless restaurants, bars and lounges, shopping, the most awesome gym and spa and a fabulous pool (several pools actually). Then of course there was the casino. I was stunned at the size. Everything was very over the top and glamorous. Our room was great. We splurged on a “strip view” and it was worth it. Nothing quite like looking over the city lights at night. I would definitely recommend this hotel, and will absolutely choose to stay there whenever we return.

Can’t really recommend much as far as food is concerned. Everything we had was really good, but we didn’t really seek out restaurants for sit-down meals, but rather just snacked a lot and ordered from some grab n’ go type places. We were so busy sight seeing that we didn’t have a lot of time for a drawn out meal. Next time I’d like to check out the restaurant scene a little more, as I’ve heard there are some fabulous places. Honestly, I’d like to try all of the restaurants just in the Aria alone. We did eat at one the first night…can’t remember what it was called, but it was French, bistro style, and it was really good. We went to this pizza place for lunch one day (I think it was called 800 Degrees) and you basically build a pizza at the counter (hundreds of toppings to choose from) and they bake it right there in front of you. It was really tasty. We also grabbed Shake Shack one day because I love the NYC location and pretty much my favorite meal of all time is a veggie burger, sweet potato fries and strawberry milkshake…something they do really well. Oh, and I’d be remissed not to mention the breakfast buffet at our hotel, if you can even call that monstrosity a buffet. If you’ve ever visited a breakfast buffet on a nice cruise ship, picture that…x 20. Not even kidding. Pretty much anything you could possibly want, it was there. They even had stations that served traditional breakfast items from all over the world. It was crazy. I was also a huge fan of the Pinkberry that was connected to our hotel;)

All in all a fabulous trip and I really enjoyed it. It was a great place to celebrate my mom’s retirement. Now I want to go back with Matt so he can experience it. Plus I’d like to check out some of the night life. Mom and I were so busy during the day that by 10/11 o’clock at night, we were pooped. It would be nice to go back sometime and basically just hang by the pool all day and then head out at night. Oh, and weather wise, this was a perfect time to go. Warm enough during the day for shorts and swimsuits, but a little cooler at night. The 0% humidity was a welcome change too. I had the best hair the whole time we were there:-)


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