Motivation Monday {and a healthy fall recipe}

Happy Halloween! I love Halloween! I can’t wait to take Asher Wade trick or treating tonight. I feel like he gets more and more in to the whole event each year, so I’m hoping this year is no exception. He hasn’t said too much about it, but that’s because he’s already moved his focus to Christmas, lol. A child after his mama’s heart for sure. He is VERY interested in Santa this year and has been talking about his Christmas list for like a month now. It doesn’t help that Target and Toys R’ Us sent their toy catalogs ridiculously early this year. AW literally looks through them every day, telling us what he’s going to ask Santa for. Going to have to intervene with some serious “Reason for the season” campaigning around here soon. As much as I do love fall and Halloween, I’m more than ready for November 1st to get here because I know I’ll be decorating for Christmas soon. I’m not one to wait for Thanksgiving to come and go before doing my Christmas decorating…I like my house to be festive for Thanksgiving. IMHO, there’s nothing better than enjoying a Thanksgiving meal with family, with a bright and shiny Christmas tree in the background:-)

Anyways, we will enjoy Halloween tonight, but then tomorrow I will gladly chunk all those pumpkins and mums. They’re pretty much dead now anyways.

Stats from last week…

Monday 10/24: Was definitely on the struggle bus today as far as motivation goes, but I made myself go outside and run 3 miles and then come back in and do 10’ish minutes of push-ups and crunches

Tuesday 10/25: Ran 4 miles on the treadmill, increasing my speed each mile

Wednesday 10/26: Ran 6 miles along the river with my running buddy…we killed it!

Thursday 10/27: 60 minute Orangetheory Fitness class

Friday 10/28: 90 minute Orangetheory Fitness class, at 8:30 that night nonetheless! My local studio hosted a fun Halloween event that night with a live DJ. Only I would choose to spend my Friday night basically dying. It was fun though!

Saturday 10/29: Took it pretty easy today after last night’s shenanigans, but I did power walk around the neighborhood for 30 minutes.

Sunday 10/30: 3 mile run around the neighborhood, working on my pace

Quick, healthy recipe alert! You’ve probably seen/heard of the 2 ingredient cake recipes, where you basically take a boxed cake mix and either canned pumpkin, applesauce or a can of soft drink to make a low fat cake. I’ve done this before, usually with a white cake mix and can of 7-Up, and it’s so easy and yummy. I’ve had a hankering for something fall’ish, so I decided on a box of spice cake mix. I dumped it in a mixing bowl and added 2 cups of unsweetened applesauce and beat for a couple of minutes until the batter was nice and smooth. Then I really got fancy and arranged a layer of thinly sliced honey crisp apples to the bottom of my 9-inch baking pan that I had already sprayed generously with Pam (this cake doesn’t rise as much as if it were prepared the regular way, so it’s better to use one round cake pan instead of two). I poured the batter over the sliced apples, carefully spread the batter until even, popped in to a 350 degree oven and baked for around 40 minutes (or according to package instructions, keeping in mind that you’ll have to add some time since it’s thicker in just one pan). I let it cool and then inverted it on to a cake serving platter. Upside down apple cake! Low fat upside down apple cake at that! It was really tasty and moist and I’ve been enjoying it with a big dollop of Cool Whip on top.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! Here’s to hoping your kids bring home all the good candy;) I’m looking at you Reese cups.

Cody says Happy Halloween too🎃


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